Backyard outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular, influencing a homebuyer’s decision when purchasing a home. The more functional, unique, and beautiful your backyard, the more appeal it has to buyers. While the Sarasota region is still considered a seller’s market, sales are slowing down a bit, and having a renovated backyard can help you get the price your property deserves. There are many ways to transform this area, from creating shade to adding a cozy seating section. Here are some tips to consider when you want your yard to play a vital role in selling your home.

backyard patio installation

  1. Protect Against the Elements: You can reassure potential homebuyers that they can use the lanai or patio year-round by adding an awning or canopy. Depending on your choice, you can protect residents from wind, rain, or unrelenting sunshine. The awning can be retractable, allowing partial coverage if necessary. If you have the space and budget, you may wish to consider adding a screened-in area to keep bugs and critters outside while you enjoy a sunset or late-afternoon shower.
  2.  Focus on Outdoor Decor: One of the best ways to add appeal to your outdoor living space is to install attractive furniture and decor. You can create a unique environment based on your design concept – go rustic with a firepit, upscale with chaise lounges and a chiminea, or natural with ample potted and hanging plants. You can choose outdoor seating with decorative cushions and pillows stored underneath when not in use, or go all the way and install gourmet kitchen and dining areas. Mix up your seating choices for the most functional space, allowing for eating, relaxing, and conversing with friends.
  3. Experiment with Outdoor Lighting: One of the best ways for those on a budget to add character to the backyard is to install creative lighting. Potential homebuyers will love soft underdeck lighting, elegant Edison lighting, tiki torches mining the pathways, or pendant lights over the dining table. Lighting adds ambiance and emotion to any outdoor setting – and emotion and feeling can sell. Lighting is an essential aspect of the overall design, so make sure that you consider which type of lighting would most fit the theme and character of the backyard.
  4. Incorporate Stone Elements: Stone is a perennial favorite for timeless and classic design – whether your patio is stone or you install a stone fireplace. Flagstone pavers can add an elegant touch as they lead people around your landscaped yard, and river rock around your flower beds is a durable and beautiful aesthetic.
  5. Add Serenity with a Water Feature: If the idea of an improved backyard space is to encourage relaxation, a water feature is one of the best ways to create that atmosphere. Not only does the gentle sound of running water help you to relax and unwind, but it can also drown out other noises from the neighborhood, including lawnmowers, people talking, or road noise. You can add a fountain to your pool, a standalone sculpture fountain for your lanai, or even a koi pond or bird bath to invite wildlife to your backyard.
  6. Install a Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen: Few things have more impact and “wow!” factor than a gorgeous gourmet kitchen on the lanai. While this may be the most expensive improvement, it will be a sure selling point to any potential homebuyer – and you’ll love it too.

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