The fantastic weather we enjoy here in Florida leads many to spend as much time outside as possible. A well-designed al fresco kitchen can be the perfect addition to your house if you enjoy entertaining friends and family. The specifications of your outdoor kitchen design will vary significantly based on the footprint of your space and available budget, and you might be overwhelmed by your prospects. Enlisting expert help can help you to create the space you’ve always wanted.

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Considerations For Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

The Space: Most outdoor kitchens are built and designed for hosting events in the backyard, and having the kitchen act as the main attraction for your event space can dramatically boost your home’s appeal. A perfect location to begin construction on your outdoor kitchen will be close to the back entrance, in a partially covered area to protect against weather concerns. Properly planning ample space for kitchen prep and guests will allow you to design your kitchen with whatever type of appliances and additions you want to add in the future.
Counter Tops and Cabinets: The countertop and storage areas of your outdoor kitchen design will form the generalized shape of your space. The type of material you use will significantly affect the continued quality of your kitchen space as time goes on. Natural materials, like stone or granite, are best for outdoor countertops due to their increased durability against weather and outdoor conditions. A large sink built into the countertop will allow all prep and necessary washing to be done in the comfort of your backyard. For cabinets and storage, metal options such as stainless steel are commonly used to protect inside contents from water or environmental damage.
Appliances: Most outdoor kitchens used for entertaining will include a stove, grill, and refrigerator. Many compact versions exist, and creating a seamless transition from countertop to grill looks great and can save space needed for the kitchen. When deciding where to position a grill, always consider the additional requirements that an outdoor grill may need. Gas grills might require construction work to connect to a gas line, and both gas and charcoal grills alike will need ample ventilation to keep the space pleasant for all guests. One of the main allures of an outdoor kitchen is the ability to prepare everything outside. A refrigerator is essential if you aim to create a fully realized kitchen, eliminating the need to run inside often to grab food or ingredients. Guests can also help themselves to cool food or drinks without having to intrude on the inside of the home.
Lighting: If you intend to host get-togethers for friends and family, the design of the space should work to make all guests feel comfortable and safe. Proper lighting is crucial for the feel of the outdoor kitchen design and ensures that any cooking done after dark can be completed safely and efficiently. Illuminating your outdoor kitchen can be one way to truly make the space your own. Design experts working to help build your outdoor kitchen can make recommendations on unique and beautiful lighting arrangements that will completely transform the space.
Seating: The seating arrangement for your outdoor kitchen is also of paramount importance. Setting up non-permanent tables and chairs before each event can save precious real estate in your backyard if space is a luxury. However, a beautifully designed extended countertop or bar for your outdoor kitchen will be the talk of the town if space permits.

An outdoor kitchen can completely revitalize an otherwise ordinary space and create lasting memories. At West Coast Design Build Florida, our design experts will work with you to design and fully realize any home construction projects.