Backyards, landscapes and outdoor spaces are important to South Floridians. Homeowners have a substantial amount of flexibility as to their design choices – whether planting a large garden, estabishing  a neatly mowed lawn with a playset for children, or creating a carefully tended hardscape. With any outdoor space, you also have the opportunity to “bring the inside out” and create an inviting living area for you and your family and friends. Here are a few ideas for creating your ideal outdoor living space, oasis and haven.

outdoor living space

  • Many people want to visually separate their outdoor living space from the rest of their yard, even if there aren’t tall walls dividing them. There are a number of gorgeous, unique ways to set apart your living area from the rest of the landscape. You can install a trellis or arbor on the side of your outdoor living area that faces the rest of the landscape. Even if you can just walk around it, it creates the illusion of a doorway and visually distinguishes the two areas. If you want a clearer separation, consider a low stone wall, wooden lattices, or bamboo panels. All three of these options provide space for outdoor decor from paintings to hanging plants. Panels and lattices can be made tall enough to provide shade when angled properly.
  • A fire feature is a must-have for maximum outdoor living. It allows you to enjoy the space even on chilly nights, and contributes greatly to a cozy ambience. You can have fun making s’mores or grilling veggies. Firepits or places are guaranteed to inspire fun with family and friends.
  • Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, and so you may wish to aim for continuity. If it looks too dissimilar (such as a Spanish-style patio or Victorian garden party style outside of your single-story ranch), it can seem out of place and disorganized. The key is to include elements of your desired look that still complement your home’s style.
  • Cooking outside allows the chef to stay connected and engaged with guests while preparing a meal. you may wish to consider adding outdoor kitchen appliances. This renovation may be as simple as adding a grill, or you may want to upgrade to a full outdoor kitchen, with counters, a bar cart, a mini fridge, or even a brick pizza oven.
  • If you want some added protection and ambiance, add curtains to a covered structure such as a gazebo, pergola, or canopy. They provide shade on hot afternoons, and they frame your living space to set it apart from the rest of the landscape. Not to mention, they look beautiful when blowing in the breeze.
  • Rainstorms are a given on a summer afternoon, and you don’t want to have to move the entire inside every day. Awnings provide shelter from rain so you can enjoy your space even in inclement weather. There are many options these days for removable or retractable awnings, so you can choose to rest in the shade or bask in the sun.
  • Make your outdoor living space cozy by incorporating elements more commonly associated with the indoors–rugs, throw pillows, couches, clocks, even artwork. Most of these items have outdoor-rated counterparts that bring the comfort of the indoors into the fresh air and can withstand the elements. They are soft yet easily washable to keep your living area looking fresh.
  • Comfortable furniture is a must for long afternoons or evenings with friends. A combination of couches, lounges, hammocks, or even those wicker hammock chairs lead to an irresistibly comfy living area.

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