Nearly every month here in South Florida graces us with sunny days and fantastic weather. Waking up in the morning and gazing outdoors while sunshine beams in through the window is something that every homeowner in Florida should experience. Studies have found that rooms with a large window that lets in light and showcases the outdoors help boost the mental and psychological well-being of those in the house. Thinking of replacing the windows in your home or building a new addition? You have options – a lot of options! Read on to learn more about which window type is best for your design.

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‘Normal’ Windows

Because they are so ubiquitous, you might not know the name of the most common type of window found in most homes: hung windows. This type of window has two main configurations – single-hung and double-hung. A single-hung window slides up from the bottom to open up the room to the outdoors, with a stationary window pane at the top. A double-hung window is similar but allows the top panel to also slide out of the way. These windows go well in any room due to the fact that there are countless designs of all shapes and colors. Plus, these windows are simple to install and do not require any additional room to operate, compared to a window that swings or folds out. 

Awning Windows

The awning window gets its name from its similarity to awnings, as the windows swing out from the top to create airflow while still protecting the room from the elements like rain or harsh winds. Awning windows are usually hardy and airtight, but they might not meet your design goals due to the required space limitations.

Picture Windows

Hung windows are the classic window that comes to mind when you think of a household window; functional and basic. When you think of a window as the centerpiece of a design, the picture window probably comes to mind. A picture window is a large, unobstructed window that can not be opened or moved that provides a picturesque view of the outdoors. Picture windows are perfect for a room designed to let in massive amounts of light. They are, however, singular in purpose. Cleaning and maintaining a picture window is also difficult due to the often large surface area they take up. Despite this, there is no better choice when it comes to providing natural light and beautiful views in a living or dining room. 

Casement Windows 

Casement windows are another type of window commonly known by most Americans. This window swings out like a door to provide ample airflow and a neat design. They can come installed with screens, similar to hung windows, and are usually utilized in similar situations. Casement windows are often designed with a rustic look, evoking the olden days. Powered by a crank, these windows can turn a simple area into an exciting centerpiece of a room design.

The type of window you need to install will vary wildly based on the room’s size, shape, and purpose. A large picture window allowing unobstructed viewing access to a bedroom might not be a wise choice. A small casement window, too, might not fit the living room design meant to be enjoyed on sunny days. 

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