Here in the Sarasota area, our outdoor living spaces are very important to us. In fact, many residents purchased a home based upon the ability to live part of their life outdoors – whether an an expansive lanai, a screened in Florida room or a patio seating area. for many, the backyard offers additional living space throughout much of the room, allowing for all sorts of living and entertaining purposes. Creative outdoor spaces are gaining in popularity as people look to enjoy everything that Florida has to offer.

One of our favorite ways to spruce up an outdoor living space is with an outdoor kitchen. We have discussed in previous blogs ways to create a gourmet outdoor kitchen, which will expand your ability to mix and mingle with guests and family while taking in the weather and the view. Here are a few other ideas for creative outdoor spaces you may wish to consider to have a dream backyard.
outdoor kitchens

  • Add a Pergola: If you do not have shade cover for your outdoor space, installing a pergola is a great way to cultivate shade and beauty. Add climbing vines or plants, rose bushes, or bougainvillea for a natural touch; then string sparkling lights or Edison bulbs for a romantic touch of ambiance.
  • Make it Comfortable: wooden picnic tables and uncomfortable deck chairs are out, and comfy couches with throw pillows, hanging hammocks, and fireplaces are in. Make your covered space even more inviting by adding mirrors, light fixtures, artwork and lush plants for a homey appeal.
  • Create Private Spaces: If you have the yard for it, install a winding path throughout your property, with several oases along the way. Construct a fire pit in one place, a reading nook under an oak tree, or a meditation garden for quiet escapes.
  • Create a Detached Covered Patio: Most people have a covered lanai directly outside their backdoors, but you may prefer to hang out closer to your water view; or under the towering palm trees. Building a detached covered patio allows you to position your entertainment wherever you prefer, and these can be some of the most creative outdoor spaces. Add firepits, gourmet outdoor kitchens, unique seating arrangements. Add sliding glass panels to enjoy your patio rain or shine.
  • Go Luxury Classic: While many people think of outdoor spaces in terms of wood or cement structures, a truly classic look can be achieved with Roman style columns, glass, marble and travertine tile. Add a long dining table and stone fireplace, and you’ve got an outdoor space worthy of an elegant party.
  • Add a Porch Swing: There is just something so comforting about a porch swing, and these days the options are endless. Suspend a porch swing from rope tied to your pergola, create an area for several hammock swings, and relax and enjoy.

West Coast Design Build Florida are your local experts for creative outdoor spaces, especially when you are looking for a beautiful and professional outdoor kitchen. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard and are looking for creative ideas and inspiration, give us a call – or bring us photos of your photo inspiration and we will work with you to create your dream space.

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