At first glance, you may think that we’ve lost our minds – why would anyone want to heat their Florida outdoor living area? Isn’t it hot enough? While the heat index may cause some to forget the reality of a Sarasota “winter,” the fact remains – for several months, this region of Florida can become quite cool. Our temperature can dip a bit too far by Floridian standards. New arrivals may be surprised to learn that our winter nights can fall into the 30s and 40s, and long-time Floridians will notice that their blood has thinned a bit since their days up North. Nights can be quite chilly – but that is no reason to stay indoors or stop enjoying your beautiful outdoor living space.

Florida outdoor living space

Build a Firepit: Let’s assume you have built a wonderful outdoor oasis. You have comfortable seating, a beautiful pool, tropical landscaping, and soft illumination. You’ve spent many an evening out here with family and friends enjoying the lifestyle South Florida affords us – so why should you go inside for several months a year? The cooler months are a great time to get together with those closest to you, free of bugs and humidity. Sometimes all it takes to transform your summer retreat into an all-season outdoor gathering spot is a firepit. You can choose a simple, rustic stone and brick model out on your lawn – or splurge for an exotic and luxurious lava rock version nestled in your seating design. No matter your choice, a firepit is a relaxed and friendly way to keep the fun going year-round. If you aren’t sure about building a permanent structure, try a chiminea for warmth and ambiance. 

Install a Fireplace: If you have an outdoor gourmet kitchen or have gone the extra mile to build a luxurious lanai, why not add a fireplace to your design? While wood-burning fireplaces are traditional and comfortable, they can be messy, and firewood can be expensive. Consider a gas model for less cleaning but be advised that they provide a smaller radius of heat generation. So a gas fireplace may be a great choice if you are creating an intimate space. But for die-hard outdoors people, nothing smells, feels, or warms the senses more than a fireplace. 

Portable Heaters: Outdoor style has come a long way, and even portable heaters for your Florida outdoor living space have evolved. They are not the industrial-looking hardware of the past, but instead are available in many sizes and tasteful designs. You can find many portable heaters at the familiar big box stores or online stores. Smaller heaters will typically warm up a five-foot radius effectively. 

Covered Spaces: Many homeowners have installed retractable awnings to protect against harsh summer rays, but these awnings also help to block wind and retain heat being generated under the canopy. Cultivating large bushes and small trees around your seating area will also help to keep heat in and cold breezes out. 

Hanging Heaters: For covered spaces, another option for Florida homeowners is hanging heaters that are permanently installed year-round. Hanging models are available either powered by natural gas or electricity and typically work off of a wall switch. Depending on the product, these heaters can heat about a 10-foot space around each unit. 

Embrace the Chill: Homeowners should augment the above methods by decorating their winter Florida outdoor living space with fluffy blankets and throws to cozy up the atmosphere. Let’s face it, these evenings come and go far too quickly here in the Sunshine State. So grab a blanket and your significant other, and enjoy the chilly weather while it lasts. 

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