When considering new kitchen cabinets, homeowners have several options – from an entirely new installation to refacing and repainting. While each of these options represents its own set of advantages and disadvantages, one of the most significant factors to consider is the ability to improve the flow of your kitchen. Refacing your cabinets will provide a fresh look, but will that project give you the storage space and functionality you are craving? The best kitchen makeovers not only concentrate on aesthetics and ambiance but recognize that the kitchen is one of the most heavily utilized spaces in the home – and because of that, function is as important as any other consideration. Effective cabinet design, including the interior of each cabinet, can help to maximize storage, accessibility, and organization in your kitchen. Let’s look at how professional designers approach your kitchen remodeling and cabinet options – by replacing, restructuring, or adding new cabinets to your overall space.

Kitchen Remodeling – Keep Main Goals in Focus 

When remodeling a kitchen, there are countless decisions to be made. The same is true of reimagining your kitchen cabinet design – but it is easy to become too focused on more minor details that will not ultimately affect the functionality and purpose of the renovation. For instance, homeowners may obsess over the color, texture, or finish of the cabinets and think that if those are upgraded, they will have their dream kitchen. While these choices are essential to your overall project, the more critical decisions may involve where gadgets, tools, and utensils will be kept, what specialized cabinets are necessary, and how storage can be optimized in smaller spaces. The aesthetics of the cabinets can be matched to your desires once you understand what the overall purpose and functionality of the kitchen must include.

Homeowners who are considering refacing or simply repainting typically have older cabinet models. However, storage solutions and design innovations have come a long way in recent years. Whether slide-out shelving or custom pot and appliance storage, these advances in cabinet choices may make the argument for new cabinets compelling. After all, opening a cabinet door to an organized space rather than a crowded mess will make anyone appreciate the renovation. 

If you are undergoing a complete kitchen renovation, you may be looking forward to a new layout, new or reconfigured appliances, or adding a bar or island. By rethinking the cabinets, their interiors, and their function, you can free up some space in the kitchen to accommodate these new features without feeling crowded. You can also look to these new additions to provide unconventional storage space – such as room for pots and pans under the island or storage for holiday placemats and good silver under the new bench seating arrangement. New cabinets can include open shelving for display or lazy Susan features for corner cabinet access. 

In the end, homeowners need a beautiful and functional kitchen. If you are considering a kitchen renovation that includes new kitchen cabinets, it is worth the extra effort to consider all of “must-haves” and “nice to haves” before choosing your final design. An experienced designer can help you to determine exactly what features your cabinet layout should incorporate based on your preferences and lifestyle. West Coast Design Build Florida is Sarasota’s premier kitchen design and installation company. Call us today to set up an appointment to speak with our professional designers and installers. We guarantee a kitchen remodeling result you will love for years to come.