An appealing landscape can significantly increase the value of your home. If you are looking for an interesting – and gorgeous – way to take your outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen to the next level, consider adding a water feature. Water features seem luxurious and complex, but in reality, it’s quite possible to DIY your own in practically any size and type. If you think your landscape would benefit from a water feature, read on!

outdoor living space

Get a Bird Bath: This is a simple way to include a water feature into the design of your outdoor living area. Take the time to search for a birdbath that perfectly suits your style, since you can find them in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are standalone and just need their water replaced every couple of days; others may have a small pump incorporated to filter and cycle the water through the bath. If you add a bird feeder nearby, you will be able to enjoy constant visits from feathered friends.

Put in a Recirculating Fountain: The babbling of water adds a tranquil ambiance to your outdoor space. There are plenty of recirculating fountains that you can purchase from a store; however, it’s also not difficult to build one yourself! This project can be completed with just a few materials. You’ll need a bucket, some wire mesh, a decorative pot or container as your fountain, a small submersible pump with plastic tubing, a fountain nozzle, and an outdoor outlet with a GFCI unit. You will need to dig a hole large enough to fit your bucket, which serves as the reservoir for the water. Measure enough wire mesh to sit on top of the bucket. Cut small holes in the mesh for the pump’s power cord and tubing. Place your pump and thread your tubing and cord through the holes. Insert or attach the tubing to your decorative fountain piece, adding the fountain nozzle once it’s in place. Once the tubing is threaded, add water to your reservoir, plug it in, and enjoy! You can cover the mesh with decorative river stones or other porous material that won’t clog the screen or fall through and gum up the pump.

Build a Small Pond: For a real wow factor water feature, consider adding a small pond to your landscape. A pond adds visual interest, calming sounds, and an overall luxurious feel. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your pond–you can line it with tiles and geometric stepping stones with imperceptible water circulation to create a reflecting pool or add aquatic plants and koi for a tropical appearance. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing your unique backyard pond. The process of putting in a pond is similar to building the recirculating fountain but on a larger scale. You’ll need to dig a larger hole and add a pond liner to ensure the water doesn’t seep out into the surrounding soil. Different pond styles will require different approaches when it comes to construction, so do your research to find the type that’s best for you.

A water feature is an impressive landscape addition that requires little maintenance after installation. Your guests will be highly impressed, and your outdoor living space will become a favorite gathering location for your home!

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