Fashions and trends come and go – and while we love a good classic, it’s fun to keep up with what is trending in the design world. With just a few months to go before the beginning of a new year, we are looking at the outdoor living trends that professionals are predicting for 2022. Whether you want to get some beautiful new furniture, upgrade an appliance, or just add some new color, we’ve got plenty of ways to improve your backyard so that you’re ready for next summer.

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Brighten Up the Space: Gone are the days of boring white fences. Instead, try choosing a bold and bright color to repaint decks, pagodas, walls, or sheds. If you or a friend are particularly artsy, you can even look at your outdoor surfaces as a canvas and paint a mural. Yellow, in particular, is quite popular for outdoor spaces because of its cheery appearance. Add as much or as little color as you want -make it the primary color of your furniture, or just use it for accessories like pots or pillows.

Create Designated Areas: Establish specific and separate areas for eating, lounging, playing without relying on screens or physical divides by getting distinct furniture styles and grouping them together. Having a few different seating area options allows for easier conversation and a more intimate feeling than one big open seating area when hosting large parties. If you already have many chairs of different styles, you can establish groupings by setting a small table in the middle of each group or setting them up on large outdoor rugs. If you don’t have a fire pit yet, get one! They’re another great way to create a grouping and enjoy a night with friends.

Exterior Rugs: One of the more surprising outdoor living trends is adding a rug. Outdoor rugs are a great place to start if you want to increase your outdoor living space’s style but aren’t sure how. Choose a rug with a design and color palette that you love, and then find chairs and other pieces to match it. A fully coordinated lounge and eating set can do wonders to pull together a deck or patio.

Ramp Up the Rattan: This material has been a staple in outdoor furniture for many years – for a good reason! Rattan can be woven into intricate patterns to create unique pieces for your space. It’s durable and strong, so your rattan furniture will last you for many years. Plus, as a plant product, it’s sustainable and an excellent option for environmentally-friendly furniture. Make sure to take care of it to extend its life even longer.

Incorporate Outdoor Speakers: Make sure all your guests can enjoy the music at your parties with hardwired speakers throughout your outdoor space. It’s relatively easy to set up these sound systems, and many outdoor speakers come disguised as landscape materials like rocks, hidden in planter boxes, or painted to blend in with plants or mulch.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen: To really take your backyard to the next level, consider creating an outdoor kitchen. This way, the person who is cooking can still be involved in the merriment. The great thing about outdoor kitchens is that you can make them as big or small as you want. It may consist mainly of a fancy grill with accessories, or it can include a brick pizza oven or outdoor freezers and refrigerators. Choose what works best for your family and the type of gatherings you prefer.

Outdoor living trends are a great place to start – but your personal design and inspiration is what is most important. Call Westcoast Design Build Florida for more information on designing the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.