Here in the Sarasota area, we have the luxury of enjoying our outdoor kitchens and yards year round. In fact, as we head into the cooler months, many Floridians head outdoors more often to grill out, entertain, and gather around an outdoor fireplace or firepit. If you are like most, having the perfect grill is an integral part of the perfect evening outdoors.

At West Coast Design Build Florida, we design beautiful outdoor kitchens for homeowners across Sarasota. Your grill and other appliances are important aspects of that design. This is a great time to contact us to help you to create your dream outdoor space to enjoy this winter and into the spring and summer.
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Choosing the Perfect Grill

Power Matters – How Many BTU’s Are Necessary?

Most people assume that BTUs determine how much heat your grill will produce; but this is only partially true. In reality, BTU’s measure the rate at which fuel is burned. But even that is not the metric that is most important to you. Think of it this way – if your grill generates a lot of heat but can’t hold onto that heat, you’ve wasted your money. Therefore although your grill’s BTU rating is important, it is equally important to get a well-built, quality grill with a good warranty. You’ll want to look for a warranty that covers construction, manufacturers defects, frame, housing, cooking grates, burners, and valves for the lifetime of owning the grill.

Your Stainless Steel Grill

Stainless steel is considered the best outdoor grill material by experts across the board, but not all stainless steel is created equal. Some stainless steel will rust, which is not ideal for our often wet climate. You can check the grade of stainless to guarantee it is of higher quality. The most common type grade of stainless steel is 304, which contains more nickel than steel in the alloy. 430 Stainless is a ferritic steel which offers good ductility and resistance to corrosion. 430 contains more steel, and will hold magnets. Most grills are rated 430, with the exception of their burners and grates.

443 is a ferritic alloy that offers a strong resistance to corrosion due to moisture, which may be a great choice for coastal areas. This steel is made out of Chromium and Titanium. Like any high end material, stainless steel needs to be maintained in order to prevent rust and corrosion. Experts recommend alkaline, alkaline-chlorinated or non-chloride cleaners. Always utilize a non-abrasive soft cloth or plastic scouring pad.

Important to Note: inexpensive grills typically use a very thin layer of 430, which translates to lower quality, causing scratches, dents and corrosion.

Does the Burner Contribute to the Perfect Grill?

Grill burners come in a spectrum of styles, typically identified by their individual shape. The most common types of burner are the H-Burner and the oval burner (both shaped as you would expect) and the bar burner, which are comprised of thin bars. The shape of the burner determines the distribution of the heat and flame to the cooking surface.

Tube burners are found in many low-end grills, as they don’t disseminate heat very well, and the burner has a shorter life expectancy as well. On the most expensive end of the choice spectrum are ‘Red Brass Burners’. These high-end burners are typically shaped as a large rectangle, which distributes heat most evenly.

Choose the Optimum Cooking Area

If you are a grill master who regularly throws big parties, you’ll want to have a large grilling area. If you are only cooking for your family, you only need a smaller grilling surface. When you work with West Coast Design Build Florida to design your dream outdoor kitchen, we can help you to determine what size grill is right for you.

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