Summer is fast approaching, meaning that grilling season will soon be in full swing. To make the most of your cookouts, make sure you have a grill that suits your preferred style, flavor, and needs. The layout of your patio may affect the type of grill you can use, as can the number of people you plan to feed regularly with the grill. We love beautiful, functional outdoor spaces here at West Coast Design Build Florida – and no Florida backyard is complete without a fantastic grill!

Gas or Propane Grills
By far the most popular option, grills fueled with gas or propane come in many different styles. You can get basic models pretty cheap, but you can also choose models with many accessories and gadgets. These grills may give you more options such as food thermometers, side burners, built-in lights, and designated searing plates. Gas grills also heat up very quickly, meaning that your food will be ready sooner than other grill types.

Charcoal Grills
A charcoal grill may be your best bet if you love your food to have that classic smoky flavor after grilling. They are simple to use and a favorite among grillers. Instead of a dial, charcoal grills have an air intake that allows the charcoal to burn–the more air that is let in, the hotter the grill burns. Though they take longer to heat up than gas grills, charcoal can reach a higher temperature at which to cook your meat. Charcoal grills are less expensive than gas or propane, but they cost a bit more to run. There is also more cleanup involved since you have to eliminate the ash and debris that collects at the bottom.

Kettle Grills
A kettle grill will suit you nicely if you primarily grill at outdoor events or on camping trips. These are a type of charcoal grill that is made to be lightweight and portable so that you can easily have a cookout anywhere. However, the size does limit your ability to produce a large quantity of food, so these grills are best used for smaller gatherings.

Pellet Grills
Pellet grills are electrically-powered grills that use food-quality pellets made of wood to heat the grill. What’s excellent about pellet grills is that they come with a thermometer that monitors the grill’s heat and makes sure it stays stable, meaning that you don’t have to diligently monitor larger cuts that take a while to cook (e.g., brisket). Simply set the grill, set the meat, and allow the grill to do the rest! Because you need a power source, these grills work best on a patio or deck with easy access to an outlet.

Kamado Grills
If you like to get creative with your grilling, a kamado may be right for you. These resemble a kettle grill but are made of heavy ceramic. Kamado grills take a long time to heat up–between 45 and 60 minutes–because of the thickness of the lid’s material. Lump charcoal made from hardwood is used as the heat source, resulting in less cleanup than a regular charcoal grill. What is unique about kamados is their ability to uniformly heat the food you’re cooking when using a heat deflector (an item that looks similar to a pizza stone placed between the food and the lump charcoal). This allows the grill to act more like an oven, meaning you can cook not only meat and vegetables but also bake pizza, cake, and more.

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