The floors in your kitchen make a statement. A well-chosen floor design can bring the whole room together, and selecting the right material can make cleanup and maintenance much more manageable. A few key trends in kitchen flooring are expected to be popular this year. Many people are opting for more natural appearances and eco-friendly materials, while the industry is also seeing a trend toward incorporating minimalist and industrial styles. If you plan to replace your kitchen floor in 2022, consider one of these beautiful design options.

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Aged Timber
Hardwood is always a highly sought-after flooring throughout the home, and the kitchen is no exception. Many homeowners enjoy the seamless look of a continuous flooring type in the kitchen and adjacent family or dining rooms. Aged timber, in particular, brings a vintage appeal to the room–the floorboards often vary slightly in color and look like something you would find in a beautifully-restored historic house. Many people have been drawn to the vintage aesthetic, upcycling pieces they find at thrift stores, replacing regular bulbs with Edison bulbs and purposefully incorporating elements with aged or distressed looks.

Bleached Wood
If the darkness of aged timber doesn’t suit your style or color scheme, consider bleached wood. This flooring is bright and natural, bringing a soft warmth to the room. They can be laid in a standard layout or cut to form a specific pattern–herringbone floors look lovely when done in bleached wood. For both aged timber and bleached hardwood, keep in mind that wood and water don’t go together well; you will need to refinish them every seven years or so to help keep the wood sealed and clean spills immediately so water is not sitting on the floor for extended periods of time.

Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo has quickly risen to the forefront as a highly sustainable building material for various projects, including kitchen floors. Once sealed and finished, it is relatively water-resistant similar to hardwood floors. It will withstand use, but you don’t want water sitting on the floor for too long. Bamboo grows extremely quickly, producing a lot of material in a short amount of time. By contrast, trees can take anywhere from 25 to 125 years to mature, depending on the species. Therefore bamboo is becoming a popular choice for homeowners who want to make more eco-friendly choices.

Wood or Stone-Like Tiles
If you love the appearance of hardwood or stone but do not want to deal with the maintenance and cost, there are plenty of alternatives. These days, waterproof tiles can be made to mimic almost any other material so that you can get the wood or stone floor of your dreams without all the extra hassle.

The modern industrial style is very “in” these days, and concrete floors lend themselves well to rooms with this decor. This isn’t just a boring, grainy slab–concrete floors are incredibly smooth and can be designed with almost any stain, texture, color, or finish you want. They are completely customizable and extremely durable, not to mention relatively cheap compared to other flooring options.

Remodeling your kitchen can make a remarkable impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. Not only is the kitchen a gathering place, but homebuyers gravitate to the kitchen when considering a property – the kitchen can literally make or break a deal. Call the Sarasota kitchen experts – West Coast Design Build Florida – if you want to rejuvenate, transform, or simply refresh your kitchen design. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, bathroom design, or outdoor space renovation, our designers and installers are the trusted local professionals.