The kitchen is often the most popular room in the house, and not just for eating. Kitchens are the gathering place for the family and an entertainment venue for guests. When purchasing a home, most buyers head straight for the kitchen to assess its condition, and when properly renovated, the kitchen can make or break the sale of the house. Therefore, those with an old or outdated kitchen area may be looking for ways to refresh its look and update its style. This article looks at the best renovations and details to create the modern kitchen you desire.

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  1. Refresh the Kitchen Cabinets: The cabinetry represents the stylistic focal point in most kitchens. The cabinets are an excellent place to start if you want to update and modernize the space. If your cabinets are boring, dull, and outdated – it’s time to renovate. If you aren’t in a position to replace your cabinetry, you can consider painting them to achieve a more modern aesthetic. If that doesn’t offer the transformation you are looking for, replace outdated cabinetry with new modern cabinets custom suited to your design preference.
  2. Replace Kitchen Hardware: Kitchen hardware elements may not seem that important when it comes to overall kitchen design, but the fine detail hardware provides can transform an ordinary kitchen space into a contemporary and unique one. If your kitchen cabinets are still sporting knobs and drawer pulls from your original kitchen, changing them out can give you a fresh new view. A modern kitchen will often showcase simple but eye-catching hardware. Your options are many – add sophisticated brass or brushed silver, opt for decorative porcelain details, or go for whimsical or thematic hardware. Replacing your kitchen’s hardware may seem like a small change, but it can completely update the look of your kitchen.
  3.  Design a Unique Backsplash: You’ll be amazed at the difference a new backsplash can make. Installing a new backsplash design is a simple but dramatic way to show off your creative side. A modern kitchen backsplash may utilize any combination of innovative patterns and colors or unique materials, such as subway glass tile, elegant white marble, or steely gray slate. The backsplash is an excellent location for adding an accent or pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic kitchen.
  4. Change Up the Flooring: A vinyl or linoleum floor can give away the age of your kitchen, but it is more the design than the material. Both of these have made a comeback in recent years, but with contemporary designs, styles, colors, and patterns that simulate all types of materials. But those materials are only two of the many available for a modern kitchen floor – including white marble, terracotta tile, cork, herringbone wood, or concrete.
  5. Try a New Lighting Scheme: Lighting is essential when designing a modern kitchen. It adds inviting ambiance and warmth and specific task lighting to combine the very best in atmosphere, form, and function. Popular choices include pendant lighting over the meal prep area, recessed lighting under kitchen cabinets, and warmer lighting over the table. Lighting can set the stage for cooking, homework, a romantic dinner, or a midnight snack – so don’t forget to consider illumination in your new design.

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