At this point in the home-design game, kitchens can be vintage, contemporary, traditional, or trendy. From country kitchen to smart kitchen, your design choices are endless – and will depend upon your vision for this essential space. For Sarasota homeowners across the region, the real estate market has inspired renovation and remodeling dreams. Is it your turn? Today we consider five of the many kitchen cabinet styles you can choose from when designing the kitchen you’ve always wanted.
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    1. Shaker Style Cabinets: These popular cabinets feature a flat panel with a recessed panel, creating a distinctive but timeless appearance homeowners love. Because they are so classic and come in so many colors, they can fit into an array of kitchen design schemes. Although white is a customer favorite, you can dramatically change the aesthetic of your kitchen by trying a matte black or dark green palette. Shaker cabinets offer a lot of potential for many diverse tastes – and can be equally impressive in bathrooms or even a laundry room. Due to their popularity, shaker-style cabinets are typically easy to find and purchase.
    2. Raised Panel Cabinets: Nearly equal in popularity, the raised panel cabinet is another design choice frequently seen in Sarasota kitchens. These sophisticated cabinet doors look great in traditional, classic homes. They also feature a center panel, but it is raised rather than recessed, creating a three-dimensional, elegant look. Because these cabinets are available in some many wood materials and colors, they can fit easily into any design, from colonial to coastal.
    3. Slab Panel Cabinets: These cabinets are often referred to as flat-front or panel-front cabinets. They represent one of the most simplistic design styles homeowners can make when performing a kitchen remodel. One of the most significant advantages of this type of cabinet is the affordable price tag. They are also easy to maintain, given their flat surface. Slab panel cabinets are great for those who like a minimalist aesthetic but may be too drab for most people. Should you choose these cabinets for the cost factor but want to create more impact, try painting an interesting color – or add unique hardware for architectural interest.
    4. Glass Panel Cabinets: Glass-front kitchen cabinets are also known as open frame doors, and are the ideal option for anyone who wants to showcase their kitchen items. While many people like the idea of using the cabinets to hide or stow things away, these people have unique plates, cookware, or a crystal collection they want to display. While open shelves are often used for these purposes, glass-front cabinets provide more storage capability. They can also minimize dust buildup. Glass panels are most often used on a few cabinets to create a focal point and are rarely seen as a full-kitchen option.  And while they are more difficult to keep clean, they can add a beautiful touch of elegance to anyone’s home. They pair well with shaker, raised or slab panel cabinets for your overall look and design.
    5. Beadboard Cabinets: The vertical slats that characterize beadboard cabinet fronts fit seamlessly into a cottage-style, rustic kitchen. However, even if you have a contemporary or modern kitchen, a kitchen island with beadboard cabinets can add a unique and unexpected flair. If your home features exposed wood beams, beadboard cabinets can create a beautiful high-end farmhouse-style kitchen.

    You have many other options and kitchen cabinet styles to choose from when designing a kitchen – and the experts at West Coast Design Build Florida are here to help. We provide expert kitchen design and installation in the Sarasota Florida area.