Renovating your kitchen is no small task, and it can be overwhelming. Therefore a lot of Sarasota residents put off the project, instead making do with an outdated style they hate. But the kitchen is one of the most popular and utilized rooms in the house, and homeowners deserve a space that is beautiful, functional, and modern. In fact, they may be surprised to learn that this project is more within reach than they think. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest misconceptions about kitchen renovation that may convince you that 2022 is your year!

kitchen renovation Sarasota

  1. You need to be extravagant: As one of the primary areas of the home, it’s essential that the kitchen has the functionality you need, along with a natural flow. However, a kitchen can be beautiful, efficient, and comfortable without a significant amount of square footage and fancy details. While wide open spaces sound luxurious, smaller distances between appliances and sinks can actually be more productive. Working with an interior designer to properly plan and maximize the kitchen area will allow you to create a kitchen you love in the footprint you have.
  2. You can go with the flow: There are many situations where flexibility is permissible and staying open to potential new ideas is acceptable. But when working on a kitchen renovation, neither of those strategies is a good idea. It is vital for the success of your remodeling job to completely document and plan from start to finish. Calculate your available budget and create punch lists of the aspects of your kitchen you wish to keep and those you want to change. Be sure to precisely measure your space – or better yet, hire a professional contractor. You don’t want your kitchen cabinets to be an inch too wide! Attempting a renovation without a comprehensive plan will likely lead to costly errors and unresolved expectations.
  3. You need to spend a certain amount on your renovation: While some in the industry will try to convince you that you need to spend a certain percentage of your home’s value to “do justice” to your renovation, you don’t have to resign yourself to a huge bill. Often, a kitchen can be transformed by simply repainting and installing a new backsplash or light fixture. Replacing kitchen cabinets or appliances may be more expensive, but can make a significant difference in the kitchen’s aesthetic. Working with a local cabinet installer can help you find the best product to fit your budget and install it without error.
  4. You must be trendy and current: Just because the kitchen will be new doesn’t mean that it has to be edgy or trendy. Instead, you should design a kitchen with your personal life and lifestyle in mind. If you plan on living in your home for many years, the kitchen should make you happy – not the magazine editors. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, you’ll want an updated kitchen. But you can work with a kitchen contractor or interior designer to determine what type of kitchen fits your preferences and will increase your market value as well – such as simple, classic, and timeless designs.
  5. You can DIY your kitchen renovation: Many kitchen projects qualify for DIY status. However, such a significant renovation involves much more expertise than the average homeowner can safely and adequately do themselves. From permits to proper wiring, there are too many pitfalls for the weekend warrior to avoid

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