Some people enjoy the cheeriness of a colorful kitchen, while others adore the crisp cleanness of an all-white kitchen instead. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle, you may be wondering how to incorporate color into your kitchen to accent the white without overwhelming it. Whether you’re looking for bright hues or more neutral accents, try some of these ideas to add color that won’t clash with the rest of the room.

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  • Paint your lower cabinets a different color. Cabinetry is likely the biggest component of your kitchen; an all-white kitchen means a LOT of white cabinets. If you want to add some color without overthrowing the entire scheme, consider painting the lower cabinets a different color than the rest of the room. You can go for a light pastel for a subtle accent or a bold color like dark green or navy blue for a delightful contrast. By only painting the lower cabinets, you maintain the visual effect of having a tall, open kitchen that white upper cabinets provide while still incorporating a statement color.
  • Pick a colorful backsplash. If painting the lower cabinets is a bit too much color for you, consider changing the backsplash instead. Colored tiles arranged in a pattern are beautiful, and with so many customizable options these days, you will be able to choose a style and pattern that includes only as much color as you like. It’s a good idea to stick with one new color and have the rest be white to establish continuity with the rest of your white kitchen.
  • Paint stand-alone cabinetry. Another alternative to painting all of your lower cabinets is to choose one or two stand-alone pieces (e.g., a dining hutch, tall shelving unit, or butcher’s block) and give them some color. This will highlight these special pieces but not overwhelm or negate the neutral tone of the rest of the kitchen. You can get quite creative with single appliances like the dishwasher or refrigerator as well–there are plenty of peel-and-stick wallpapers that can be applied to give them not just color but a fun design.
  • Spruce up the inside of your cabinets. For a quick, easy, and subtle color accent, try covering the insides of your cabinets with wallpaper or other peel-and-stick papers. There are endless colors and designs to choose from. You can use them in cabinets that are open-face or that have glass doors so that the color can be seen all the time, or you may choose to enjoy the flash of color when you open your cabinet doors. You can also add colorful accents on the inside of glass cabinets to draw the eye to pops of color.
  • If not color, then contrast. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to a single bold color. Instead, you can opt to create contrast by choosing materials for your counters and other workspaces that are dark. Black countertops will result in a sleek, modern look, while surfaces made of wood will create a more natural and even rustic feel. Go for light-colored wood if you are aiming for a warm kitchen scheme; dark woods will work best for a more dramatic look.
  • Not sure about using color? Try other neutrals. You may feel that colors are not within your vision for your kitchen, but going all-white is a bit too bland. A happy medium may be incorporating varying neutral shades that won’t be too harsh on your white color scheme but can introduce depth and texture.

Whether your dream is an all-white kitchen or you desire splashes of color, you can trust the kitchen design experts at West Coast Design Build Florida to bring your vision to life. Call today to set up a consultation, and let’s get to work on your new kitchen renovation.