Designing a kitchen involves many details, from major appliances to minor aesthetic touches. The little things can be as impactful as the big decisions. After all, we spend so much time in our kitchens that we deserve to have them be beautiful. Plants are a lovely way to decorate your home with color and texture. There are many houseplants that positively thrive in the kitchen.

Here are a few options to get you started on greening-up your kitchen.
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Aloe vera: This popular succulent is a great plant to have in your kitchen. Not only is it a piece of decor, it’s also a handy kitchen tool–the gel-like substance inside an aloe leaf can immediately soothe small burns when you accidentally lean on the hot stove or get splash with heating oil. They’re an anti-inflammatory, and will help your skin heal a bit faster. As a desert plant, they need the bright sunlight of a windowsill, but besides that they are low-maintenance and easy so grow.

Herbs: Another great staple to keep in your kitchen! Having an herb garden at the ready is fun and useful. It’s a great feeling when you can grab a pinch of herbs you’ve grown yourself to add some freshness and flavor to your meals. Herbs such as basil and rosemary need full sunlight, so another windowsill will grow these herbs most efficiently. For darker kitchens, herbs like mint, chives, and parsley will thrive.

Pothos: For small kitchens, you need to make use of the vertical space in your room. Pothos are an excellent hanging basket plant for the kitchen. The glossy leaves add a natural touch to the room’s feel, especially when trained to grow around the wall. They can grow even in dark rooms and enjoy having their soil completely dry out in between waterings–a plus for someone who has difficulty remembering to water!).

Spider plant: Feeling retro? The spider plant has been a houseplant staple for a while, becoming very popular in the ‘70s – and for good reason! Spider plants like their soil dry in the winter, and kept moist throughout the spring and summer months. You can quickly fill your kitchen and your home with these as you replant the spiderettes.

Peace lily: This plant has a gorgeous, stately flower that will bring a luxurious feel to your kitchen. The white contrasts beautifully with the dark green, shiny leaves. Give your peace lily enough water to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. A bright kitchen will produce more blooms, while the plant may struggle to flower in darker conditions.

Cast iron plant: Like its namesake, the cast iron plant is extremely hardy and difficult to kill. It makes for an excellent beginner house plant, since you can forego watering for a few weeks before the plant begins to suffer. Low-light tolerant and beautiful, the cast iron plant works well in the kitchen.

ZZ plant: Another popular choice for first-time plant owners, the ZZ plants are hardy and tolerate low light. They like for the first few inches of their soil to dry out before being watered again. Use them to brighten up some dark corners of your kitchen.

Chinese evergreen: This plant’s silver-green leaves are gorgeous. They’re able to survive in low-light kitchens, so long as their soil is kept moist.

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