While real estate agents don’t typically design kitchens, they do see a lot of them on a monthly basis. They also are privy to the feedback of hundreds of prospective home buyers as they make their way through your home. And in 2021, it seems that they have a lot to say about white kitchen cabinets.

While they don’t outright disapprove of white cabinets and all-white kitchens, they do seem to have a lot of opinions about them. If you are looking forward to a kitchen renovation in the coming 12 months, you may want to listen in on their conversation – especially if you also plan on selling your home in the next few years.

In a recent conversation with local realtors, they confided their feelings as to why they don’t like the traditional all-white kitchen.

  1. They are indeed out of style: The trend is towards darker and bolder colors throughout the home (see our piece on darker accents in bathrooms for 2021). Although there is nothing inherently wrong with crisp, white cabinets, style trends seem to swing back and forth. At the moment, all white is often viewed as outdated and boring.
  2. They don’t make a memorable impression: Any busy realtor will tell you that after a long day (or week!) of looking at homes, they all seem to blend together. The homes that had unique or compelling features stand out in the minds of homebuyers. In fact, it is not unusual for the buyer to refer to homes as “the one with the beautiful accent wall” or perhaps, “the one with the gorgeous cherry wood cabinets.” Let’s face it, white can be a tad forgettable. Because so many “models” feature white kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and standard granite, they can all begin to blend together in your memory.
  3. Maintenance is a sticking point: White cabinets can frighten buyers because they require a lot of upkeep, especially in a home with lots of people who will touch them all day long. White may discolor, stain, or simply look dirty due to spills and scratches. For those who don’t want to wipe down their kitchen daily, white cabinets can be intimidating.
  4. White cabinets can feel too sterile: There are some who feel that white kitchen cabinets simply lack warmth, which is a quality we want in our homes. The kitchen is a gathering place, so looking too stark or industrial is a turnoff for many.

But the News is Not All Bad

We’ve had a little fun picking on white cabinets, and in fact there is truth to the fickle style gods arbitrarily deciding what is “in” or “out”. White kitchen cabinets may feel a bit tired and true, but that can also lend them great appeal. Many buyers adore the familiarity and comfort that a traditional kitchen embodies. The lesson is all this style back and forth? The perfect kitchen for your home is the one you deem beautiful and timeless. If you love white cabinets, then white cabinets should be installed. After all, it is your home, and your choice. Ultimately, style is up to each individual homeowner.

At West Coast Design Build Florida, we are dedicated to installing the kitchen of your dreams -and yes, we have white cabinets!  No matter what style speaks to you, we guarantee that your new kitchen will be installed efficiently and professionally. Call us today to learn more.