One of the age-old questions of kitchen design is whether or not to utilize white cabinets. White kitchen cabinets have been considered out of style, in style, and back out of style again. White kitchen cabinets certainly have a place in specific designs, but they also have distinct drawbacks and benefits that apply to most applications. Today, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of white cabinets in kitchens.

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White Kitchen Cabinets – Always or Never?

Before we begin, we should make it clear that no colors or styles are completely out of the question. If you feel an affinity towards a particular style, we can absolutely work with you to create a perfect kitchen space that incorporates elements of that style. White cabinets might fall out of fashion next year or make a huge resurgence in popularity. The future is unclear, but you should make decisions based on what you believe you and your family will love and cherish each and every day you head down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Pros of White Cabinets

  • Simplicity and Universality: White cabinets are ubiquitous in many kitchens around the country because white cabinets tend to work well with many different designs and styles. It is not typical for a white cabinet to distract from the rest of the room, which allows for a beautiful countertop or fixture to attract eyes as soon as someone enters the room. White cabinets also do not clash with other designs, so they effectively futureproof your cabinets against any future design decisions, such as new tile backsplashes or countertops.
  • White Cabinets Create Grandiosity: Light colors reflect sunlight better than dark colors, similar to how large mirrors help reflect light in cramped bathrooms. Cabinets tend to take up a large majority of the wall space in kitchens, so if a feeling of space is important to you, white cabinets may be the way to go. Furthermore, smaller kitchens might feel cramped if they use a dark color.

Cons Of White Cabinets

  • Hard To Clean And Maintain: White cabinets, just like white countertops made of hard-to-clean materials, are prone to get stained and dirty in a well-used kitchen. Even if you don’t have crazy kids tossing ingredients into the air, everyday use can lead to smudges and stains on the delicate paint. Despite some aspects of white cabinets making repairs easier, such as easier color matching, they are overall harder to maintain in pristine condition. Darker colored cabinets can take more wear and tear before it becomes noticeable to guests who are not actively looking for blemishes.
  • Less ‘Wow Factor’:  Because white cabinets are such a commonplace design, they usually fail to leave a lasting impression. While this presents new opportunities for other aspects of the kitchen design to shine, using white cabinets is a deliberate choice to have a large percentage of your kitchen look ‘neutral.’ The fact that this topic comes up enough to warrant a blog post should tell you that many people nowadays are not as stunned by elegant white cabinet sets as people once were.

To some, white kitchen cabinets may feel a bit old school – but that can also lend them great appeal. Many buyers adore the familiarity and comfort that a traditional kitchen embodies. The perfect kitchen for your home is the one you deem beautiful and timeless. If you love white cabinets, then white cabinets should be installed. The choice is ultimately in the hands of the homeowner.

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