Any time you undertake a massive project like building a new home from scratch, you want to ensure you are doing everything by the book and correctly the first time. Building the home of your dreams is also more complicated than just choosing a builder and letting them build to their heart’s content. A competent home construction and renovation company will have experts ready to answer questions about taxes, fees, potential home customization options, and more. When it comes to an expensive new construction project, asking too many questions should never be a concern. Today, let’s discuss the questions you should bring up when in consultations with builders.

Unexpected Fees and Costs Into The Future

While the company building your home is unlikely to be involved in anything past the initial construction, they should still understand the additional costs you, as a homeowner, are likely to incur through your choices of where to build and what to build. For example, building or buying a house under construction in a new community might bring with it HOA fees and other restrictions on what you can and can’t include in the final end product. If your builder is unaware of the community’s regulations regarding things like garages, colors, and driveways, you can end up in a mess of financial and legal trouble down the line while the new construction company continues on without a care in the world.

The company itself might also have a host of hidden or additional fees that are not plainly listed on the contract. Make sure to hire a reputable company that will not impose more costs on you if they go over budget or make a mistake during construction. Like any other large purchase, you want to ensure you understand the cost of building your home. Ask for an itemized list of all prices, including possible fees that may accrue. Most legitimate businesses will have a robust warranty in place that guarantees repairs on essential parts of the house, like foundations and structural components, for up to 10 or 20 years.

Customizable New Construction Options

Most houses have unique aspects to them, even if built as part of a community. Home builders will often have standard models and floor plans that they use as a template to start a conversation, but there is likely a range of options that can be changed or converted based on your liking. Areas that often have changes are kitchens, master bedrooms, and outdoor areas like decks, pools, and patios. In the kitchen, for example, you might prefer one style of countertop island to another, either to ease your cooking or to promote more social activities with your family. 

Kitchens can also be upgraded to include different hookups for appliances. While some people prefer gas stoves to electric ones, others would like to downgrade their rarely used stovetops to free up money for upgrades in other parts of the home. Understand all your options to make the most of your budget and choices.

Payment Options

If you feel uneasy about your builder, it might be because they are trying to receive payment in one lump sum right at the start of the project. Many builders will offer financing plans that allow you to pay smaller amounts of money as the project progresses, which is extremely helpful for those on a budget who need to pay rent or mortgage at another location while their future house is built.

Asking questions is the best way to narrow your search and eventually team up with a highly skilled and reputable builder.

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