We all want to make a great impression when designing our homes. Gourmet kitchens and beautiful outdoor spaces can catch people’s eye – but it all starts as soon as they arrive. One of the most prominent first impressions your house makes towards visitors and the outside world is the front door. Despite being a small piece of your house’s overall look, the front door is front and center, and everyone who enters will interact with it in some way. From an eye-catching color that draws attention towards itself to a muted shade that matches the mood of your porch, your front door color and design can have a significant impact.

Front Door Design and Color Ideas

When making your decision, keep in mind what future plans or goals you have for your house. Nothing should stop you if you have a specific design in mind, but be cognizant of how certain styles may be offputting to future home buyers if you intend to sell.

Muted Colors: Muted colors are so-called because they are a combination of a brighter, more vibrant color with a base like black, grey, or white. This combination either dulls the color or desaturates it. If you have a color that you want to plan a design around, muted colors allow you to paint prominent features like the front door in a similar color without coming across as tacky or extravagant.

Classics: Black, Grey, and White: Choosing black, grey, or white for your front door is an option that can go well with most designs. Black is a neutral color that is still able to contrast with the rest of the color scheme for a serious wow factor. It is timelessly classy and sure to please. Grey doors are similar but allow you to mesh more with your chosen color scheme. You can find a grey with any color undertone, so you will find a shade that perfectly complements the rest of your home. White as a front door color is ubiquitous due to its nearly universal appeal to all types of people. White complements almost all other designs and guarantees that prospective home buyers will be satisfied with the choice. More ‘out-there’ colors and designs might be offputting to a buyer who wants to move in and do minimal work to transform the house to their liking.

Bright Colors: Bright colors do not go well with every design, and some might be off-put by them, but they can take any outdoor porch or patio design to the next level and increase the vibrancy of your home. Look to your potted plants or garden patches for inspiration, or choose the most represented color amongst your flowers. Similar to a dark black front door coinciding with a lighter color scheme, a vibrant yellow, pink, or baby blue door contrasting with a darker house shade is sure to catch the eye.

Wood Designs: Sometimes, you should let the material and design do the talking. Keeping the natural color scheme and look can be an intelligent choice if you have a beautifully carved piece of wood with windows and inlays. As opposed to a painted door, you also do not have to worry as much about scuff marks or paint scratching off the door. Lighter colors like white get dirtier faster and require more upkeep to keep them looking fantastic.

Swapping the color of your front door is a quick afternoon project that can quickly change the entire feel of your house. But not just your front door needs some love! For those looking to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space, West Coast Design Build Florida is Sarasota’s professional design choice. Call today for help with anything from kitchen cabinets to outdoor patios – we are ready to help make your dream a reality.