Storage is becoming more and more coveted in home floorplans, and thus kitchen and bathroom cabinets play an essential role. Many homeowners are utilizing creative design to more efficiently store everyday items, specialized countertop appliances, and even pet dining areas. But cabinets are not only required to be functional, we want them to look stylish and add to the aesthetic beauty of our home. Therefore, in 2021 many are looking to upgrade their kitchen – and are moving away from boring, utile cabinets and into chic cabinetry that will store everything, hide everything, while breathing new life into your home. You may be surprised at the wide array of options you have in this particular design arena. Let’s take a look at cabinet style for the new year.

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Categories of Cabinet Style

  • Traditional-style cabinets: Traditionally designed cabinets offer detailing and framing, with raised panel doors. They offer a wide selection of color choices, from crisp whites and softer creams and tans; as well as an full spectrum of wood hues. The doors are typically inset recessed.
  • Shaker cabinets: This cabinet style hails from the 18th century. Despite the historic origin, the shaker cabinet style is considered a staple in modern and contemporary kitchens. The cabinet is named after the original manufacturers, the Shakers, who are renowned for simplistic form yet attractive aesthetics. The design includes a recessed panel door, basic hardware and light components. The surfaces are typically smooth hardwood with very few decorations or adornments. They are often lightly stained and offer natural finishes, in keeping with the Quakers simple approach to craftsmanship. Other design features of the Shaker cabinet style include wooden handles and distressed finishes.
  • Flat style cabinets: As the name indicates, flat style cabinets have no frames and strive to be as smooth and non-obtrusive as possible. These cabinets can be manufactured from diverse components, such as:
    • Solid hardwoods: These cabinets are durable, with solid boards which are attached with glue. These are often found in residential homes.
    • Grade-A Plywood: Also known as finish-grade, these cabinets apply high-quality materials over less expensive softer woods, such as plywood.
    • Fiberboard: When utilized for flat styled cabinets, fiberboard requires painting, thermofoil or plastic laminate.
  • Country cabinets:  The design goal of the country style cabinet is to create a rustic, comfortable feel to your kitchen, reminiscent of a log cabin or farmhouse. The cabinet style is often created from raw woods with pronounced grain. This results in an authentic, distressed look.
  • Inset cabinet style: This style is characterized by an inset door, which can be more expensive than other options – but provides an elegant finished look in your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Style for You

It really is not necessary for a homeowner to understand the characteristics of each of these cabinet styles. In fact, most people simply choose based on aesthetic, and what will look best in your kitchen.

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, proactively notice the cabinets at other homes you visit. Take photos of cabinet style that you like. Search out online home renovation photo sharing sites for ideas, and save the images which look most like the kitchen you desire.

Then when you call West Coast Design Build Florida, you can show us exactly what you like. We can consider your inspiration photos, the layout of your kitchen, and your budget – and work with you to design the perfect kitchen for your home. If new kitchen cabinets are on your mind in 2021, call us today to get started.