No one enjoys the idea of the presence of germs in their home. After all, so many of our surfaces have the potential to directly affect our immune systems–we prepare and cook food on the countertops in the kitchen before eating at the dining table, and we wash our hands and teeth at our bathroom counters. Germs on these countertop surfaces can quickly spread throughout an entire household. In the midst of a health crisis, we are even more invested in keeping our family as healthy as possible.

But worrying about germs in your rooms doesn’t need to put a damper on the evenings you spend entertaining friends or your nightly bath time routine with the kids. A great way to fight bacteria without having to think about it is investing in non-porous countertop materials, since it’s nearly impossible to properly clean porous surfaces that water (and consequently, germs) can infiltrate. You can significantly decrease the amount of bacteria and other germs that live on your surfaces by choosing counter materials that naturally deter them with their nonporous qualities.

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Germ-Repellent Countertop Materials

Laminate: A popular material for home surfaces, laminate mimics a variety of other materials while remaining affordable. As a smoother, uninterrupted surface, it’s great for discouraging bacteria growth–these germs tend to proliferate in cracks and crevices where water and debris can gather. The joints in between the laminate can grow bacteria or split with prolonged exposure to water however, so be vigilant about cleaning those areas. You can simply wipe down the counter for sufficient everyday cleaning, then clean any joints between the laminate sheets very well when they get wet to prevent bacteria growth.

Granite: A popular countertop choice because of its austere and natural appearance, granite is a porous material, many companies include a sealant on the granite that makes it into a smooth surface. If it was not pre-treated, there are a variety of sealant sprays you can get to apply to your granite countertops.

Solid Surface: Solid surface counters are made from a dense, non-porous, synthetic material. They’re another excellent choice for counters that won’t break your budget and need only a quick wipe down to stay clean. However, avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on solid surface counters.

Quartz: Another natural material that is beautiful and germ-resistant, quartz is a bit more expensive, but worth the investment. Simply wipe to clean and you’re done!

Cleaning Other Surfaces

Cleaning the counters will seem like less of an event if you incorporate it into your daily routine. Give them a quick wipe after washing the dishes at the end of each night to avoid needing to scrub off multiple days’ worth of grime. Be sure to avoid cross-contamination. If you cook raw meat regularly, have practices in place to prevent the meat from touching your counters or any other surface, like faucets or silverware.

If your countertops are not made of any of the above materials, there are still plenty of things you can do to fight germ buildup in your home. Keep in mind, however, that not all bacteria are bad. Humans require certain beneficial bacteria to remain healthy, so over-cleaning can actually have a negative impact on your immune system. Wash your hands (as we are all well accustomed to at this point!)and keep your kitchen clean.

Whatever your choice of countertop surfaces, you can trust West Coast Design Build Florida to install a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom in your home. If you are considering a Sarasota renovation, call us today.