If you love entertaining guests, you understand that the kitchen tends to become a hub of activity–not only do you cook there, but this room is where most guests gather, laugh, dance, and sing, regardless of the amount of other rooms you have. To accommodate these joyful gatherings of friends and family, there are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your dream kitchen for entertaining.

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Before you begin knocking down walls or tearing out cabinets, consider the current functionality of your kitchen and the goals you would like it to meet after renovation. Think about the size and style of events you like to host–do you have big bashes, elegant dinner parties, or casual happy hours? Do you aim to keep your guests in your dining room, or do you encourage the party to flow through multiple rooms? How many cooks do you plan to have in your kitchen (or do you prefer hiring caterers instead)? By having a clear picture of how you expect your kitchen and dining areas to be used while you’re entertaining, it will make all the future choices from layout to finishing touches much easier for you.

First, don’t worry if your kitchen is on the small side. As you have likely experienced, the size of the space rarely affects whether or not people gather there. More important than overall size is the layout of the space. You want your kitchen to have an open layout without tight corners or dead ends. To avoid forcing yourself and your guests to squeeze past each other often, try to leave about 3 ft. of space between your kitchen island or butchers block and counters. If possible, knock down walls separating the kitchen from the dining room or living room to create a natural flow from one room into the other. Having your kitchen connected to an outdoor space also expands the room your guests will have to mingle without feeling isolated in a separate room.

Anyone who has hosted an event before understands that one of the biggest logistical issues with serving a large group of people is having the ability to keep hot dishes hot, and cold drinks cold. So if you’re looking to improve your kitchen with the goal of entertaining guests, getting the right appliances should be a priority. Refrigerators with easy-access beverage doors or cabinets with a built in wine fridge make it a breeze for guests to serve their own drinks without the need to take up floor space with coolers. Warming drawers are helpful when preparing a large meal so that each course stays hot. If your gatherings are centered mainly around sporting events, make sure you have got room for a television that is viewable from any point in your kitchen and dining areas.

Complete the design of your kitchen by anticipating the needs of your guests. Glass cabinet doors display beautiful dishes while also making it easy for your guests to locate them. Store extra napkins, placemats or utensils in table drawers or organizer baskets throughout your space. Small shelving units in your dining or living room can function as drink refill stations in case the kitchen gets over crowded.

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