Your cabinets take up a significant amount of visual space in your kitchen–not only with how long they are but also in their placement, both high in your field of vision and low. Choosing a color or stain you love significantly affects your kitchen’s appearance. When selecting your new custom cabinet style, consider these 2022 trending colors. In both 2021 and 2022, trends show a desire to turn to nature for inspiration. After all, with the world opened back up post-pandemic, people can finally get out and take the trips they’ve wanted for the past few years. We then bring that return to nature home with us in the trending color palettes of this year.
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West Coast Design Build Florida is proud to offer quality Merillat cabinetry. Merillat is one of the nation’s largest cabinet manufacturers, with manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Products are offered at a variety of price levels, and all Merillat cabinetry carries the seal of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Certification Program

  • Navy blue is quite popular right now as a choice for kitchen cabinets. Shades within this color family are bold and bring dimension to your kitchen without being overwhelmingly bright or gloomy. Merillat’s colors of Nightfall, Midnight, and Harbor would all result in beautiful cabinetry. Nightfall and Midnight are both deep and rich in color, though Midnight is slightly more saturated while Nightfall sports undertones that are a bit grayer than Midnights. If you want a navy that is a little brighter, then Harbor is sure to please.
  • Earthy yellows and tans are also trending. These may be used as the main cabinet color or work exceptionally as the secondary color in a two-tone scheme. Merillat’s Canvas and Cottage are both tans with yellow undertones, while Camel provides a darker yellow-tan with a tinge of orange and gray.
  • Warm grays may have a reputation for being boring and sad, but the right shade can really suit your kitchen’s color scheme. Gray-greens and gray-blues with warm undertones have moved to the forefront of trending cabinet colors. Merillat’s Serenity is a beautiful seafoam gray-green with tones of yellow; if you want to go with a darker, richer color, try Bonsai. Some of Merillat’s gray-blues remain warm despite the blue in them. Lagoon is a warm slate gray that complements several other color palettes.
  • Deep, earthy jewel tones are also inspired by nature. Bold, inviting, earthy jewel tones turn your kitchen cabinets into a statement piece. Merillat’s English Green is a rich green that will make you feel like you’re enveloped in the forest, while Midnight and Riverbed are reminiscent of the deepest oceans or farthest reaches of space. Try a deep garnet red or saffron yellow if you want an even warmer jewel color.
  • Mid-range stains are becoming more mainstream. In 2022 we are seeing a trend of moving away from more extreme stain options like black or pale honey. Instead, you may want to opt for a more mid-range stain along the lines of a light-colored coffee or medium bronze. Basalt stain from Merillat is a new stain that is dark-medium gray with cooler undertones. If you prefer a warmer stain, Laminate is an excellent medium-gray that goes well with a wide range of colors, rendering it a great choice for two-tone cabinets.

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