For many people, some of the fondest memories involve a delicious dinner, amazing aromas, and quality family time. Families for generations have bonded through the cooking and sharing of meals, and creating the perfect space to allow these moments to flourish should be a top priority when designing a new kitchen. A family-friendly kitchen should excel at being a safe and comfortable area with ample room for everyone. Remember these tips when working with a design expert to create your next dream family kitchen. 

family kitchen design

Utilize Easy to Clean and Hardy Materials:  A well-used family kitchen will turn into a dirty kitchen; there is no way around it. To ensure you can always clean your cooking space to the best of your ability, design the area with easy-to-clean materials. For kitchen countertops, nonporous options should be at the top of your list. Laminate and solid stone countertops are often utilized when ease of cleanliness is considered an important factor.

If you expect messes to sometimes get out of hand, make sure to consider your options for cabinets as well. Freshly painted white cabinets may look regal, but they fail to hide smudges and scratches compared to a darker and matte finish. Furthermore, different versions of cabinets finished with a protective, durable seal are available, making them much easier to clean than simply painted wood varieties. 

Design The Space With Family In Mind: Designing a kitchen for cooking efficiency will change the final look of the kitchen – if compared with a design with family at the forefront. Providing ample seating through a kitchen island or larger dining area might lead the design in a new and unique direction.

For a family with kids, the design layout of your kitchen can provide unexpected benefits. By simply changing the direction or position of your sink and countertop, parents can gain the ability to watch and interact with their kids in an adjacent room, all the while preparing a delicious meal. A luxurious and spacious countertop or island might even become the new hotspot for activity in your home, where homework or arts and crafts are completed daily.

Allow for Abundant Storage Opportunities: A growing family that often cooks together will also require a large amount of storage, either for ingredients or leftovers. Adventurous chefs that like to experiment with new recipes might also accumulate many specialized tools not needed for daily use. Finding ways to store everything should be a priority, but maintaining a broad and open space for family is just as important. Storage options like rotating shelves, magnetic knife racks, and sliding pantries save space and give your kitchen a great sense of organizational control.

Find Ways To Include The Kids: Getting your little ones involved in the cooking process can be a fantastic bonding experience that your kids will never forget. To make it easier for them, including a low-height countertop and cabinet area in the design will make your kid feel like an important and included part of the cooking process. Using step stools and other similar furniture can allow for the same effect, getting them up into the action in a safe manner. Always ensure that your tools and knives are safely stored away so that a little one’s wandering hands can not easily find and grab them. 

Your kitchen is a space that you and your family will find themselves in together very often; make sure it is designed for it! The experts at West Coast Design Build Florida will help you to make the decisions that will make your ideal family kitchen come to life.