It’s inevitable that you will spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink between washing hands and scrubbing dishes. You should love the way your sink looks and functions as a part of your cooking area, so take time to choose the right kitchen sink for your remodeling goals. Not sure where to start? Here are a few popular types of kitchen sink to consider.

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Drop-In Sinks
These are probably the sink that first comes to mind when you think “kitchen sink”. Also referred to as top-mount sinks, drop-ins have a lip that runs around the entire basin and sits on the counter. All it requires is a hole cut out of the counter into which it can be set; the lip holds the sink up. Clips and caulk hold most drop-in sinks in place once it’s set into the hole, though heavier models like ones made of cast iron don’t require them. These sinks are easy to install and easy to clean–just make sure to wipe down the joint where the sink meets the counter, as the caulk filling can build up a bunch of gunk. They work with all countertops, so they’re a great choice if you don’t plan to replace your entire counter during this remodel.

Undermount Sinks
These sinks are a great option for most kitchens. They are installed underneath the cutout in the counter, creating a seamless appearance from counter to sink. Counter cleaning becomes super easy with an undermount sink, since you can sweep crumbs and gunk straight into the basin without it catching on a lip. Undermounts work excellently in small kitchens where you want to maximize your usable counter space. You are limited to lightweight sink models though, since heavy materials will not be able to be glued to the underside of the counter in the way undermounts must be.

Flush Mount Sinks
If sleek is your aesthetic, a flush mount is the sink for you. These sinks are created from the same material as your counters–while not made in one piece, they are welded together so well that you can’t even tell they were separate. The seamless transition from counter to sink is extremely pleasing to the eye; however, as these sinks are custom made, they come at a price. Stainless steel is your best bet if you’re not trying to break the bank, but if you’re going to have a custom piece made, why not go for granite or quartz for an even fancier look?

Apron Sinks
When you picture a farmhouse kitchen, an apron sink is a must. With this style, the front of the sink extends down over the counter. They can come with one or two basins, and each basin is generally quite deep–excellent for minimizing splashes or for piling dirty dishes after a large family meal. Apron sinks are usually made with cast iron or fire clay, which are both nonporous materials. This means that cleaning is a breeze, since they won’t stain or harbor bacteria.

There are many styles and types of sink to choose from for your next kitchen remodel. You’re sure to find one that fits your functional needs and your aesthetic preferences.

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