A glass front cabinet is the epitome of form and function – a beautiful addition to any kitchen design. Glass fronts can break up a solid wall of paneled cabinets and present an open and sophisticated aesthetic. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, there are several glass door options for kitchen cabinets that you may wish to consider.

Sarasota kitchen cabinet design

Are glass front cabinet doors suitable for your kitchen?

A glass front cabinet door provides many design benefits to those looking to renovate their kitchen. These include:

  • Creating depth to help smaller areas appear larger
  • Allowing homeowners to display seasonal décor or trending colors that can be changed as desired
  • Capturing available light, adding interest, and infusing reflective properties to the overall kitchen design

Overall, elegant glass cabinet doors provide both functional and aesthetic design appeal depending on what is kept behind the glass. They offer an ideal alternative to open-shelf cabinets, allowing for creative displays while keeping the items safe behind glass.

What is the most popular glass front type for cabinet doors?

While glass front doors are available in many textures and styles, three trends have risen to the surface in popularity. Let’s take a quick look at the details.

  1. Reeded glass: Perhaps you love glass doors but are not comfortable with everyone seeing what’s behind them. After all, plain glass is excellent if you are showcasing decorative dishes or seasonal décor. But for some people, cabinets are designed more for storage, and clear glass doesn’t allow for hiding all of your kitchen tools. Reeded textured glass panels are a wise choice, providing the aesthetics of glass doors while camouflaging any mismatched kitchenware. The style features vertical lines in a repetitive pattern, which is attractive if no competing patterns exist in the backsplash or floors.
  2. Water glass: These glass cabinet door panels are another popular design choice. They feature a non-linear pattern, which fits nicely in modern and traditional kitchen designs. This pattern provides more transparency than reeded glass, so you may have to watch what you store behind them. If the countertops or backsplash also have a complex pattern, the simple texture of water glass may work better visually than reeded glass.
  3. Clear glass: The purest glass design choice is the original and is still the most popular among homeowners. Clear glass-front cabinets are well-suited for farmhouse, traditional, transitional, and even contemporary kitchen designs. Clear glass shows off its contents and allows homeowners the most “transparency” in their kitchen design – but they need to stay on top of maintenance to avoid smudges and smears.

Less Can Be More with a Glass Front Cabinet Door

Many people love the idea of glass cabinet fronts but don’t want the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining a whole kitchen full of them. Many designers and homeowners choose to designate only a few accent cabinets with glass doors. Common ways to incorporate glass cabinet doors include corner cabinets, end cabinets, cabinets framing the stove or kitchen sink, peninsula cabinets, and small top cabinets that line the ceiling.

You can choose to have an expert designer help you to decide the best way to incorporate glass into your cabinet displays. West Coast Design Build Florida provides professional design and installation services for Sarasota homeowners. Call today for a consultation for your next kitchen renovation.