For most Americans and proficient home cooks, the kitchen is a prominent room in their house for hosting guests and socializing. Friends and family will not likely see the design of your master bathroom but will definitely notice the attention to detail and functionality of your kitchen space. When renovating, designing, or upgrading your home, putting extra time and effort towards the kitchen is never a bad idea. If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, enabling you to cook without hindrances and make memories for your guests, you should upgrade to a gourmet kitchen. 

What is A Gourmet Kitchen?

Different people have different opinions on what makes a gourmet kitchen. At its most basic, a gourmet kitchen is one that has been elevated beyond the basics found in most homes to enable home chefs to push their cooking potential to a higher level. Through these upgrades, many take the time to ensure the design is also fanciful and unique, completely reinvigorating a once dull and basic kitchen into a highly functional and beautiful space.


Kitchen appliances, especially a stovetop, are some of the best upgrades for a home chef. Everyone has had an experience with a pathetic range that can barely boil water, severely hindering your ability to cook efficiently. New models of stovetops absolutely blow older models out of the water. Experienced chefs often prefer gas stoves that offer greater temperature controls, but newer stove models can incorporate both induction and gas ranges concurrently, allowing the chef the best of both worlds and giving them the ability to adapt their method based on the task at hand. A gourmet kitchen should also include a hood that can capture smoke and moisture and safely dispel it from the home without alerting smoke detectors. 

Whether or not you decide to go for a ‘smart’ refrigerator is up to you, but a gourmet kitchen should always include a spacious fridge that can provide adequate storage for all the various ingredients that make up your dishes. To take it to the next level, you can install a separate freezer underneath a cabinet or countertop to provide room for large quantities of fresh meat, fish, or other perishable goods.


The baseline countertops installed in your home, condo, or apartment when you moved in are probably not the best quality. For most, the material of their countertop is not of utmost importance, but the aspiring gourmet chef needs a hardy surface that can withstand the spills, cuts, and temperatures that arise from a busy workstation. For good reason, restaurants of all shapes and sizes have used stainless steel countertops for years. They are easy to clean, very stylish, and resistant to scratches that are common in a well-used kitchen. For design purposes, islands and counter space reserved primarily for dining or guests can be a different material, while the bulk of the counter used for food prep is a sturdier material.

Various other considerations go into making a kitchen feel gourmet. For example, lighting should be improved to make every inch of the kitchen space as illuminated and visible as every other spot. Other minor and often overlooked improvements include pot fillers above a range, food storage organization compartments, and unique backsplashes. 

A new gourmet kitchen renovation can completely transform your home and give you the gathering place you’ve always envisioned. At West Coast Design Build Florida, we work with you to put all the elements in place – from the necessary basics to the exquisite details. Call today to schedule a conversation with one of our designers and get started on your new kitchen.