When designing a room as important as your kitchen, it can be easy to focus on the “big ticket items” like stovetops and countertops. These features are definitely important, but oftentimes the more minor finishing touches are what bring a room together. The kitchen can be a fantastic place to experiment with houseplants, bringing a wonderful sense of life and greenery into your home. Houseplants can enhance your kitchen decor design and have practical uses for your culinary adventures in your new space! Read on to learn more about our recommended kitchen house plants.

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Benefits of Green Plants as Kitchen Decor

Before we begin, you might wonder why houseplants benefit your home and kitchen decor. Houseplants can sharply contrast your home’s sleek design, bridging the gap between nature and indoors. Furthermore, many plants will help purify the air or provide natural scents even indoors. Especially for a kitchen setting, some plants, like number one on our list, have real-life practical uses! Every type of indoor houseplant has a varying amount of sunlight and water that will best help it grow. However, a quick search will tell you exactly how to care for whichever plant you decide to pick for your kitchen design. All options provided today are easily cared for by any homeowner.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a classic staple in kitchens. Aloe vera is a hardy plant with a striking silhouette and valuable bonus within. The inside of aloe vera leaves has a gel-like substance (which you probably often buy at a store) that can provide instant relief for any burns sustained in the kitchen. If the Florida weather is a little too harsh on your skin, having a natural pharmacy as part of your kitchen decor will provide sunburn relief and make any kitchen feel highly functional.

Spider Plant
The Spider Plant is another houseplant commonly found in kitchens around the US for a good reason. Spider plants are one of the houseplants found to most effectively eliminate lingering odors from cooking. Your dinner might smell delicious, but you probably don’t want to continue noticing its scent the following day. Spider plants will provide a mild, ongoing natural scent and take your kitchen to the next level.

Have you ever cooked with fresh herbs? The difference between fresh herbs and dried, packaged herbs can be startling. The best part? Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow in your kitchen. Whenever needed, simply plucking a branch out of your herb planter will impart amazing flavors to your recipe. Thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary; you name it. Any kitchen with a bright window and a patient homeowner can begin growing amazing herbs with no hassle. Your guests will love seeing you finish your cooking with a fresh sprig of herbs from your own planter.

Pothos plants, with long vines and attractive leaves, are commonly found in many kitchens to take advantage of free vertical space. Pothos plants can act as your natural designer, providing you give them a great starting location to grow and spread out. Pothos vines can twist and turn around cabinets and walls, giving your kitchen an otherwordly feel compared to a simple, plantless design.

These plants are fantastic options to include in kitchen decor and design, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons. Some plants might be dangerous to animals or young kids or require minimum levels of sunlight and care, so always check before purchasing a houseplant. However, you will find that caring for them is much easier than you once thought.

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