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“How long does it take to complete a kitchen remodel?”

What are we remodeling?

This is a very common question with more than one answer. To answer a simple question with a simple question, the contractor you pose this question to should ask you right back: What is it exactly that you want to do? 

Defining the scope of the project will help determine the duration of the project and include such considerations as:  

  1. Simple kitchen makeover
  2. A “pull and replace” project
  3. A custom kitchen design and installation

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Simple Kitchen Makeover

This is something we call the 1-Day Kitchen Makeover. A simple kitchen makeover may consist of replacing cabinet door hardware, replacing the existing countertops and sink, replacing the plumbing fixtures, perhaps the electrical fixtures, and maybe adding tile or full height granite or marble backsplash with the new countertops. Changing the wall paint color and even professionally painting the cabinetry can offer a dramatic improvement.

This project can be completed within a few days once the material is selected, and received.


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Pull and Replace

The WCDBFL special Kitchen-In-A-Week, the “pull and replace” of an existing kitchen generally includes replacing the cabinets and countertops and should have a project duration of a few days to a couple weeks. Here at WCDBFL we have mastered this type of kitchen makeover and we will demo on Monday and have you cooking breakfast on Saturday! 

The overall Project duration of your kitchen may differ depending on the skill level of the installers or contractors, the ability to plan, and the time required for the countertop company to measure, fabricate, and return to install in your home. Measuring or templating for countertops typically occurs once the cabinets are installed and available to accurately measure for countertops. The time between templating and installation of countertops can vary from two to three days to as many as one to two weeks. Most often the duration depends on the workload of the countertop company and perhaps even the availability of material and manpower.

The overall project duration depends on other activities and materials similar to the options available in the simple kitchen makeover.

Here’s an example of one WCDBFL client who experienced a “Demo Monday, cooking breakfast Saturday!”


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Custom Kitchen

A custom kitchen project duration depends on similar considerations and materials but also the size of the kitchen, the number of individual cabinets, and the complexity of the design.

It would be expected that most custom kitchen remodeling projects should consist of 2 to 4 weeks to complete, from demo to completion. 

The availability of cabinetry also depends on whether they are “in stock” cabinets, made to order, or full custom designed and constructed cabinetry. Cabinets are manufactured in the USA or imported from other countries such as Italy, or Canada for example. And cabinet manufacturers may require as much as 2-to-3 months to fulfill an order and deliver the product.

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The Kitchen For You

These considerations add to the time involved from deciding to remodel your kitchen, to when the project ultimately completes.

Be sure to consider who is installing your cabinets. The level of skills required vary with the complexity of the design and the techniques and tools required to install the Cabinetry.

Drilling a hole in the wrong place, or cutting a cabinet incorrectly can be costly to correct, but are the types of mistakes that do not happen with experienced contractors. 

Consider requesting references from the remodeler or contractors previous clients along with photos of the completed project wherever possible.

Your local municipality can also confirm whether insurance, licensing, or even a permit is required before you start. Do your homework and work with people who treat with respect.