“How can I save on my kitchen remodel?”

A question very often asked…

The countertops must go! These cabinets are old! My forever home needs my forever kitchen! We need new appliances! We can’t sell if we don’t update this kitchen! 

Regardless of the motivation to remodel, many homeowners want to update their kitchen. And almost every single homeowner wants to find a way to minimize the cost involved with the project. Let’s look at the options a homeowner faces when they wonder, how can I save on my kitchen remodel?

The decision on WHO completes the kitchen remodel is one of the biggest factors to the price, and quality, of the final product. Here’s a few reasonable options to consider “WHO” does the work.

1. DIY – “do it yourself”. The big box stores offer all the products and tools necessary.

2. Hire a handyman.

3. Contract with a licensed and insured professional.

Which option is best for my project?

When time or budget is the deciding factor, a few project types to consider include:

Pull & Replace can save your project time and money. This type of remodel keeps the current configuration of your kitchen intact, meaning that instead of changing the cabinet configuration, and/or relocating the plumbing or electrical, etc. you are simply changing the cabinets, countertops, perhaps the appliances, and replacing them with new.

A Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover is another simple upgrade. Replacing the cabinet hardware, perhaps the plumbing and electrical, fixtures, sink, installing backsplash tile, or changing the colors of the electrical outlets and cover plates to match.

A third option to keep your costs lowered is a hybrid of the first two. About ½ the cost of a complete kitchen remodel is to reface or paint the cabinetry, replace the countertops, then like the cosmetic kitchen makeover, replacing the cabinet hardware, plumbing, maybe electrical, fixtures, sink, backsplash tile, and change the colors of the electrical outlets and cover plates to match.

Additionally, there are important questions to ponder before you hire or contract with someone else or choosing the DYI route:

  1. Will I improve the value of my home by remodeling the kitchen and to what extent do I need to remodel? – Understand the average kitchen ROI by type of remodel on our Kitchens page.
  2. Do I need a permit? – generally YES, but maybe not. Whenever you “add, subtract or relocate” plumbing, electrical, gas, AC, or structural walls. This is an important question to ask and one main reason to work with a licensed contractor.
  3. Do I really understand plumbing well enough not to cause a leak or costly plumbing issue later? – Plumbers’ average cost per hour is $80-$85. MORE when it’s an emergency or “after hours”. Any DIY project needs to have an action plan for what to do if a plumbing emergency occurs.
  4. Do I really know what is involved and the time required to start a project I can’t complete (timely)? – A professional kitchen remodeling contractor should be expected to “demo” then complete the average kitchen project in 2-4 weeks, depending on complexity, inspections, etc.
  5. What are my options and costs if I partially complete the kitchen remodel and it’s coming together wrong…? – Well, first you may have cost yourself time and money. If you decide to hire or contract after you start, you may find some professionals will be reluctant to take on the partially completed project or want to charge a little more for the responsibility and liability of identifying where you leave off and he/she needs to begin. They may have plenty of projects to contract without taking on someone’s DIY gone wrong…
  6. Is the handyman or contractor reputable, reliable and capable to complete my project? – Speak  to neighbors and friends about their project’s manager.

–        Research www.BBB.org .

–        Search for state licenses at www.dbpr.com,

–        Explore your local municipality where you can also determine what project type requires a permit. For example here is the Manatee County resource for homeowners. 

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