When remodeling your kitchen, figuring out the new layout is an important decision. Besides determining where the large appliances will go, how much counter space you need, and how the flow of people in and out will work, you also need to consider the type and style of seating you will have. After all, the kitchen is used for so much more than just cooking – with the proper seating, it can be a comfortable place to get work done, craft, homeschool, or hang out with friends and family. Consider some options below if you want to explore kitchen seating styles outside the standard dining table and chairs.
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Storage Bench Seating
Benches are great options for any size kitchen. You can fit more people around the table with a bench while also significantly increasing the amount of storage available. They are great for storing medium-sized appliances that may be too big to fit comfortably in your cabinets – like a bread machine, stand mixer, or crockpot. Build a bench into a breakfast nook to curl up on with a cup of coffee, or put it next to a window to make a little reading corner.

Island Seating
This is a popular non-traditional seating option. Having stools at your kitchen island allows children or guests to be near you while you cook so that no one feels isolated sitting across the room at the table while you hold a conversation. This can also be a great way to get kids involved in helping with food prep. There is a considerable variety of stools available to find ones that perfectly match your kitchen’s aesthetic, whether you need them at counter height or bar height.

Breakfast Nook
The breakfast nook is often a highlight in a home—though small, it can be boldly decorated as a cute focal point for the room. They were created to provide a tiny eating area that is easily cleaned so that you don’t have to use the formal dining room at every meal. Often they are nestled into a bay window, making for a lovely spot to start your day.

Banquette seating is a way to take your dining space to the next level by mimicking the feel of sitting in a booth at a restaurant. These upholstered seats usually come with a back to lean against and may have inside storage for keeping appliances and other supplies. You can run a banquette bench straight along a wall or have a rounded piece placed into a corner or bay window area. Their style and upholstery are quite attractive, and their comfiness makes for an excellent place to hang out with friends and family.

Bistro Kitchen Seating
Do you have a tiny kitchen and dining area? Bistro seating may be the best choice for you. This setup includes a small table to accommodate two to three people, which can easily fit into your space. Getting a set in counter height or bar height can help the room seem visually less cluttered or full.

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