You may think that cabinets are simply background, but they are actually an essential design element when renovating your kitchen. In fact, kitchen cabinets can provide not only a beautiful aesthetic, but needed storage and utility. If you are considering redesigning your kitchen, you may wish to consider some of these trending ideas.

Inspired Colors: Many homeowners lean towards classic white or wood-stained cabinets, but there are many other colors trending to set the personality and tone of your kitchen. Stately grays are all the rage in all areas of home decor, and cabinets are no exception. Pops of color in a statement wall allow chefs to express their creativity, whether cool green like a cucumber or fiery red like a cayenne pepper. Color blocking is also a current trend which allows for your unique design sensibilities to shine through.

Organizational Zen: Todays cabinets are far from simple, nondescript storage space. Cabinetry designed with a certain purpose in mind allows for less clutter and a cleaner look – while providing a space for everything. Think long, thin vertical cabinets for trays or skillets; cabinets with shelving for spices; or drawers designed to hide your appliances.

Seamless Transitions: As floorplans become more and more open and flowing, cabinetry can be used as functional dividers or transitional pieces. Design cabinetry in an island on wheels , and move it from kitchen to dining room to lanai as needed.

Horizontal Lines: For decades, kitchen cabinets have climbed ever higher, allowing for more vertical storage space with each passing design trend. But cabinets are once again becoming a bit more grounded. With the addition of organizational inserts, and varied depths of cabinets, kitchen designers are utilizing easy to reach drawers and horizontal lines to keep your kitchen storage more within reach.

Technological Innovation: Technology has influenced every area of our lives, and kitchen design has not escaped its proliferation. Modern kitchen cabinetry can provide access to USB ports for devices, have built in video screens to follow a recipe on YouTube, or incorporate charging stations and workspaces for a technology hub and workstation in the kitchen space.

Industrial Vibe: Burnished metals and concrete slabs are making their way into kitchen cabinet designs, bring an industrial vibe that is truly unique. Creative metal pulls and handles can add to the space, and can even be mix and match for a more authentic feel.

Handcrafted Aesthetics: With so many designs on the market being so similar, choosing more hand-crafted looks is a great way to create a homey, traditional feel. Carved designs, intricate corners, and distressed finishes can help to set the scene for more classic country or antique style kitchens.

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