Many decisions go into creating your perfect kitchen, from the counters to the appliances to the style of cabinets. Picking the kitchen island is another important choice that can significantly impact your kitchen design and functionality. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the island is the centerpiece of the kitchen! There are plentiful design options to give you the best island to meet your family’s needs.
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Choose Your General Concept
There are many ways to customize a kitchen island, but you first need to start with the basics. When deciding on the dimensions of your island, be sure to leave at least 3 feet of space between it and your counters and appliances. If you don’t, you will impede the flow of your kitchen and it’ll feel much more cramped—not to mention that it might prevent your oven or dishwasher from opening fully. You should also decide early on whether you plan to have built-in appliances or sinks on your island or if you want it to just function as an additional surface and storage. Choose a design for the top that matches the rest of your countertops.

Include Others at the Island
If you have a big family or love having friends over, consider getting an island with an extended countertop to allow for a few people to sit at it. You can help kids with homework while prepping dinner and ensure that the cook isn’t left out of the conversation at dinner parties.

Make it Pop
The island is the centerpiece of your kitchen—a focal point the eye is naturally drawn to. Lean into this and make the island stand out by painting it a bold color that complements the rest of your kitchen color palette.

Maximize Storage
A kitchen island with built-in drawers and cabinets instantly adds a significant amount of storage space to your kitchen. If you have an extensive collection of kitchen tools, extra sets of dishes that you don’t use regularly, or simply don’t have as much cabinet space as you would like – it’s a good idea to take advantage of the storage of a kitchen island can provide. Choose solid doors to hide small appliances, or opt for a glass door to display china sets. When using the island as a prep space, it may make more sense to have some shelves without doors so you can easily access your most-used tools without getting doors or drawer handles messy.

Consider a Peninsula
If you lack a significant amount of space in your kitchen to accommodate a complete island, you can try putting in a peninsula instead. This functions as an island on three sides, but one end is attached to the wall or your other counters. Peninsulas are more easily tucked into tight spaces but can still provide the extra surfaces for food prep, cleaning, or a breakfast bar that you want from an island.

Don’t Forget the Lights
Since islands are set apart from the rest of the counters, you’ll likely need a fixture to provide adequate light (especially while chopping veggies or otherwise wielding a knife). Take this as an opportunity to get a lovely accent light that increases your kitchen’s style and function.

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