There are two main reasons people undertake a kitchen remodel. First, they have been living in their home for a long time, and the kitchen has simply grown old and dated. Or secondly, they just purchased a new home and the kitchen is old, ugly, or not their style. Whatever the reason for deciding to renovate your kitchen, the experts have a few points for you to consider before you take a sledgehammer to the cabinets.

While many people have a dream kitchen in mind, you may want to slow down and think – does what I am doing make sense for the space?

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Above All, Function: We know that you want a beautiful kitchen, and getting the look that you want is very important. But more important than even how amazing it looks, it how it functions. Let’s face it, the kitchen is typically the center of the home, and it needs to work and flow well. The placement of your prep areas, your sinks, and the ovens should make sense for how – and how often – you cook. You also need to consider seating arrangements, storage, and lighting – all to ensure that your kitchen works for your family and your lifestyle.

Keep Things in Their Place: A kitchen remodel involves a lot of work and sometimes stress. But you can greatly relieve the burdens on your mind and your budget if you take to heart one simple tip – keep the main service areas in the same location. If you can leave the dishwasher, sinks and ovens in the same location and work the remodel around them, it saves a lot of time and resource. This is because you won’t have to run additional plumbing or electrical in order to support the new layout.

Pay Attention to the Cabinets: Simply having a certain amount of cubic storage space shouldn’t be your goal when choosing cabinets. Why? Because not all cabinets offer you useful storage. Those cabinets over the refrigerator rarely get used except for the Christmas platters or the once-used bread maker, and the awkward cabinets in the corner are a pain to reach. Concentrate on creating cabinet space that is useful everyday – at eye-level, or in your kitchen island being the two most used in the kitchen.

Not Everyone Needs An Island: Speaking of islands, remodeling professionals say that although everyone wants one, they aren’t the most practical addition to a small or medium sized kitchen. They can make these areas hard to maneuver and feel too crowded. So although you may really want the extra surface space, ask a designer about creative options, such as a “island” on wheels that can be placed off to the side when not in use.

Splurge on the Countertops: If there is one area of your kitchen that deserves to be exactly as you want it, its the countertops. Counters and islands take up the largest visual space in the room, and are with you day in, day out – through homework, meal prep, and card games – so go ahead and get quality counters that look beautiful and will stand up to your lifestyle.

Last but not least, when considering a kitchen remodel, you may wish to hire a designer. This will ensure that everything will fit correctly in the space, that your cabinets will look fabulous with your countertops, and you’ll get all the storage you are expecting. They also can give suggestions for alternatives which may give you the same look for less money! Given the importance of this room for your life, making sure it is designed beautifully may save you some regret later on.

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