When prospective buyers are looking at homes to purchase, the kitchen plays an influential role. Because the kitchen is such an integral part of most home and family life, many buyers make their decisions based upon the condition or style of the kitchen. This fact makes many home sellers think that they need a major kitchen renovation prior to listing their home, but this is not necessarily true.

In fact, extravagant home renovations of any kind do not often give you the return on investment (ROI) that you hope for. A large scale kitchen remodel typically returns about 60% of the money you put into it.

cost kitchen remodel

This is not to say that you should never consider a complete kitchen renovation. There is no denying that remodeling a dilapidated or dated kitchen will help sell your home. If your kitchen is noticeably less upgraded than other major parts of the home, for instance, you may lose value on the other upgrades if people discount the kitchen. If you have a luxury home or are in a more expensive neighborhood and price range, a substandard kitchen may be enough to scare buyers off.  In both of these cases, bringing your kitchen up to the standards of the rest of the home is likely an excellent investment.

If your home is already priced at market value but your kitchen is showing signs of wear, here are some kitchen renovation tips to make it shine without breaking the bank.

Countertop Conversion:  If your existing countertops are unimpressive, there are many options to consider Laminates are affordable, and contemporary products have a very natural appearance. If you’d like to go a step up, quartz countertops will offer your prospective buyers  durability and germ resistance. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the design relatively neutral. You may absolutely love speckled granite, but if your buyer does not, that is money wasted. If a buyer thinks they have to redo the countertops, you may lose a sale. Stay neutral and classic for more universal appeal.

Cabinet Makeovers: Many people think of cabinet refacing when it comes to kitchen renovation, but there is more to just a pretty face. Increasingly, buyers are looking for more storage solutions and creative spaces to hide appliances, kitchen implements and even spices. If you cannot afford a full kitchen renovation but want to grab the attention of buyers, consider cabinets which feature creative storage and maximized capacity. The allure of lots of storage space will often cover a multitude of other flaws.

Inspire with Illumination: Realtors agree, a home shows better if it is light and bright. Layers of lighting in a dark or enclosed kitchen can illuminate the space and make it feel more spacious. Add under cabinet lights, lighted cabinets, and varying wattage  – dimmer over eating areas, bright over prep areas – to help make your home more attractive to buyers.

Make these changes in your kitchen, and you may decide to keep your beautiful home after all.

If you are looking for a kitchen renovation in order to get a higher resale value, consult with kitchen design experts who can lead you in the right direction. The experts at West Coast Design Build Florida are here to help you make smart and beautiful decisions – whether you are seeking assistance with kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor areas. Don’t list your home until you learn what we can offer to Sarasota area homeowners. You won’t be disappointed.