No matter the size of your kitchen, it always seems like there is not quite enough room. Making everything fit to suit your needs and style can be tricky, but fortunately, there are many space-saving methods that you can incorporate into your kitchen to make the most of the room you have. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make even when you use just one or two of these kitchen space savers.
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  1. Remember the tops of your cabinets. Often, there is space above the tops of cabinets that no one ever thinks about using. However, this space can be a great place to store little-used items like that waffle iron you only pull out once or twice a year, a serving platter that only gets used around the holidays or a picnic basket that is waiting for sunny summer days.
  2. Hang what you can. By hanging items like aprons, utensils, and cutting boards, you free up precious drawer space for other items. There are many options for hanging items in your kitchen so that you can choose what works best for you. Magnetic hooks can be stuck against the side of your fridge, while easy-remove adhesive hooks can be used on cabinets. Stick them on the outside to hang an apron, or stick them on the inside of a cabinet door to increase storage space while still keeping the items hidden from sight. Pegboardare versatile space savers and can be painted to complement the colors of your kitchen. They allow for an extremely customizable hanging area for utensils. If your ceiling allows it, you can even get a suspended rack from which to hang your pots and pans–getting them out of your lower cabinets will open up a huge amount of space for storage and small appliances.
  3. Use baskets in deep cabinets. One of the major annoyances of a small kitchen is trying to root around in the back of a cabinet for an item you need–or having to pull everything in front out to access it. To make life easier, you can use baskets to keep items organized and easily pull them out of the cabinets to reach what you need. If you’ve got a bit more money in your budget, consider having slide-out racks or drawers installed so you can pull the items to you instead of crawling into the cabinet to reach them.
  4. Try out shelf risers. Along the same vein as sliding racks, shelf risers make accessing items in the back of the cabinet much easier. Small ones can be used for spices, while bigger ones make reaching pantry items much easier.
  5. Store some items out in the open. No one expects your counters to be completely clear and free of clutter. To save space in your cabinets, consider leaving frequently-used items like a coffee maker, Dutch oven, or tea kettle out in the open. If you are a baker, a colorful stand mixer can brighten your kitchen counter and add some of your personality to your kitchen’s appearance.
  6. Try a foldable table. If you are pressed for space, having a dining table take up precious space can be frustrating. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish options for tables that can fold to maximize the space you have. Some tables have folding sides and can be pushed against a wall when not in use. Other designs can be mounted to the wall and folded to be kept out of the way.

Sometimes the changes you need in your kitchen are small space savers – but sometimes, you need larger renovations.
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