Remodeling gives you the perfect oppportunity to change not only your floorplans, fixtures and finishes – but also the efficiency of how you live day to day. When renovating your kitchen, consider upgrading your appliances to ones with smarter kitchen technologies that keep your kitchen clean and efficient.

kitchen technologies

Hands Free Technologies

Our hands are often fully occupied in the kitchen, whether that be with carrying groceries, chopping veggies, or washing dishes. Having smart products that can respond easily to hands-free motions or voice commands take multi-tasking to a whole new level.

Hands-free devices such as an Alexa or Apple Homepod come in handy for setting reminders, timers, or adding items to a grocery list. You can even have them read recipes out loud so that you don’t need to worry about washing the dough or oil off your hands to know the next step.

Many refrigerators come with smart displays, and these screens can even be built into cabinetry or counters. A smart display can be used to leave notes for family members, or easily coordinate items you need bought from the store. Many can even convert measurements just with voice command, so you don’t have to grab a pencil and paper when doubling that recipe or using different measuring tools.

Kitchen Technologies for Multitasking

Life is quite fast-paced these days. Effective multitasking is an acquired skill, and our kitchen appliances can work with us to make checking items off our to-do list even easier.

Crock pots or sous vide cookers come in wifi-enabled models so that you can change the cooking temperature of your meals from your phone. You could have a roast in the slow cooker while at work, then turn the heat up right before you get home so that you have a hot meal waiting for you. Food can be cooked safely and to perfection while you run to the bank or pick up the kids. The control offered by wifi-enabled cookers decreases the amount of time you need to spend tied to the kitchen.

Whether you’re just waking up for work or if you just got home, a fresh pot of coffee often hits the spot. With a smart coffee maker, you can have fresh ground and fresh brewed joe in minutes. Set a schedule so that you don’t even have to think about it until the smell of hot coffee wakes you up or greets you at the door. Think of it as a little gift to your future self.

Countertop compost bins are growing in popularity. As awareness about climate change and the importance of eco-friendliness grows, more and more households are making an effort to decrease the waste they produce. A great first step to cutting back on your kitchen waste is to recycle your food scraps. Vegetables, egg shells, fruit rinds and more can be added to a compost bin and broken down into fertilizer for your flowers and gardens. If you don’t have the space or desire for a backyard compost pile, consider getting a countertop composter. These machines use heat to dry out food scraps and produce nutrient-dense compost in a much quicker amount of time than traditional vermicompost models.

Technology is constantly advancing, and we’re lucky to have access to such amazing levels of accessibility and efficiency with smart kitchen technologies. If you think these types of appliances will help you, consider incorporating one or more into your next kitchen remodeling project.

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