The kitchen is the most popular room in the house, a gathering place that often defines the homeowner’s personality. For those who desire to create a luxury kitchen, there are thoughtful decisions required to create an overall high-end ambiance.  Here are some of the details we love that create a luxurious kitchen aesthetic. How do you feel about these features for your new kitchen installation?

kitchen installation

High-quality major kitchen appliances: Appliances may not seem especially luxurious at first, but there are options that raise the aesthetic several levels of luxury. Most experts agree that Sub-Zero and Wolf manufacture the highest quality refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and ranges currently available. These appliances are chef-grade, and carry a price tag to match the quality. But for those who desire a luxury gourmet kitchen, the cost is well worth it.

Additional appliances: A luxury kitchen requires more than just standard appliances, and these are some of our favorite indulgences.  Warming drawers are cleverly designed heating compartments that blend in with your traditional cabinetry. They keep plates warm while waiting for dinner to begin.  Refrigerator drawers act in the opposite way, providing small refrigerated compartments which are built into your base cabinets. They are perfect for kids’ snacks, extra drinks, or food that has been prepped for dinner.  Dual dishwashers are perfect for those who entertain often or have a large family; while beverage centers are zones designated for a built-in wine cooler or a coffee station.

Backlit cabinets:  Nothing ups the luxury of a room more radiantly than upscale lighting. Backlighting the inside of your glass-front kitchen cabinets gives a soft ambiance at night, which looks very glamorous. These lights are functional as well, giving a soft light so that you don’t have to switch on the glaring overhead lights when entering the kitchen after dark.

Specialized cabinets and pantries:  Tall cabinets are a popular luxury kitchen design element, and can be customized with adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and wine racks. Corner cabinets can be efficiently utilized as storage areas for appliances, getting them off the counters and reducing clutter in your beautiful luxury kitchen.

Well-designed kitchen countertops: Granite countertops, once considered a luxury, are now considered common. If you are looking to up the design ante, try marble countertops. Marble is rich and luxurious, and a beautiful way to level up your kitchen. You may also wish to consider installing countertops that are functional as well as gorgeous. Add a butcher block countertop to your marble slab for a varied texture, visual interest, and functional benefit.

Upscale lighting fixtures: Many kitchens these days feature traditionally recessed can lighting, so if you wish to add a touch of luxury, consider more upscale lighting features. Pendant lighting adds an artistic and interesting touch, but chandeliers add an air of luxury and decadence not often seen in the kitchen. Add a chandelier over your kitchen counter or island for a dramatic and beautiful addition to your luxury kitchen.

At West Coast Design Build Florida, we take pride in our quality kitchen design and installation services. If you have a kitchen aesthetic in mind and want to bring your vision to life – call us today! Our design professionals will work with you to make the choices and decisions necessary to create your dream luxury kitchen within budget and on time. And don’t forget – we create beautiful bathrooms and outdoor kitchen designs as well. What are you dreaming of? We can help.