The kitchen is the hub of the house. If yours is no longer serving you well, it may be time for a remodel. Luckily, incorporating sustainability into your kitchen design helps decrease waste and lower your environmental impact without sacrificing style or function. If you are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly design into your renovation projects, check out these tips.

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  1. Aim for a timeless design. A key part of sustainability is choosing items and materials that will last for a long time. The more chances you have to make or items you have to replace over the years, the less sustainable the design is. Work with your designer and contractor to create a kitchen that will serve your family’s needs well 5, 10, even 20 years in the future. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, check out our post on Timeless Kitchen Design.
  2. Replace old appliances with new energy-efficient models. Plumbing features such as faucets and showerheads that conserve water will be labeled with the term “WaterSense”, while electrical appliances that maximize energy efficiency will have an Energy Star rating. These appliances are made to last and will save electricity and water while doing it. They’ll also save you money in the long run on your electric and water bills.
  3. Add a dimmer switch. Controlling the brightness of your kitchen lights comes in handy in many ways: you can take mornings slow instead of being blinded by bright lights, set the mood for a romantic dinner, or simply adjust them to the level you need if you don’t want their full brightness. Dimmer switches enhance your kitchen lights while saving energy and money.
  4. Choose a facelift instead of a full overhaul where possible. By working with the bones of your kitchen, you can save money and materials for a sustainable remodel. For example, opt for refacing your cabinets instead of buying completely new ones. Your cabinets will look brand new, and you’ll be using significantly less wood than if you fully replaced them. This is not an option if you’re changing the layout of your kitchen, but for a smaller-scale remodel it’s a great way to stay sustainable.
  5. Quartz is great, sustainable countertop material. Unlike granite, which needs a lot of maintenance, quartz requires little maintenance and is resistant to cracks and scratches. It lasts for years without losing its beauty. Granite is an unrenewable resource that needs to be mined from nature; quartz, however, can be engineered in a lab so that it doesn’t deplete natural resources.
  6. Opt for recycled materials. These days, you can buy items for your remodel made from recycled materials. From your new countertops to the tiles you choose for the floor or backsplash, recycled materials will allow you to have that new kitchen appearance with an eco-friendly impact. Look for furniture like tables and chairs at secondhand stores and local buy/sell pages on Facebook to reuse them instead of buying new.

There are many ways to create the kitchen of your dreams while still keeping your model eco-friendly. Once your new kitchen is finished, consider keeping up your sustainability by composting kitchen scraps, using reusable bags while grocery shopping, opting to use the dishwasher instead of hand-washing, and using biodegradable trash bags.

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