Modern-style kitchens are a popular choice for homeowners when designing this essential space. It is important to note that “modern” as a style does not mean “what is trendy right now.” Instead, modern refers to design elements that were made popular during the first half of the 1900s. Today, when this style is applied to a kitchen’s design, we bring current trends and innovation to the classic modern elements. If you think a modern kitchen may be right for you, here are some features to incorporate.
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  • Slab-door cabinets: As the name suggests, these cabinets have smooth faces without contours or beveled designs. Their sleek design is pleasing to those who take a more minimalist approach to their decor or prefer a less difficult design to keep clean. They fit easily with any colors, patterns, or accents you want.
  • Full overlay cabinets: Not only are slab doors reminiscent of modern design, but full overlay cabinets also lend themselves to the style. This design element refers to doors that fully cover the cabinet boxes behind them, providing a sleek, clean appearance. In contrast, partial overlay cabinet doors are a bit smaller than the cabinet boxes behind them so that you can see a fair bit of the boxes. Insert doors cover the opening of the cabinet box, but nothing else, so you can fully see the spacing between each cabinet. These latter two styles are often more utilized in traditional kitchens.
  • Horizontal lines: Modern design incorporates horizontal lines into the hardware, cabinetry, accents, and backsplash. Long lines parallel to the ground make a space seem more expansive, which is especially helpful in small kitchens. As a design element, horizontal lines are indicative of harmony and groundedness–many zen-inspired rooms use horizontal lines to promote a feeling of connection with the earth.
  • Simple hardware: Speaking of horizontal lines, a common theme in modern design is sleek hardware like metal pulls. Knobs don’t fit with the smooth, clean lines of the other design aspects, so it is best to go with a solid pull that either attaches to the cabinet at both ends or with a single rod in the middle. Some people prefer for them to be about the width of a hand, while others enjoy the look of hardware that spans the width or length of the majority of the cabinet door.
  • Industrial elements: The modern style came about soon after the Industrial Revolution, so it makes sense that industrial details are often included as part of the design. Concrete floors can be poured and finished with beautiful designs, and metal nickel- or brass-colored fixtures bring unique textures and shine to lights, table legs, or shelving hardware.
  • Use the natural designs of each element: Modern design incorporates many different materials–wood, stone, metal, etc.–and the style is embellished when you work with the designs that are naturally found in each. If you have a piece of furniture with exposed wood, orient hardware to run in the same direction as the grain. Mirror the swirl pattern of marble countertops in the shades of accent lights that hang above them.

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