A kitchen renovation is an exciting yet intimidating venture. They can get expensive, so many people will delay remodeling and instead live with an outdated design. But the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home–shouldn’t you be in love with it and enjoy the time you spend in it? Before embarking on your remodeling journey, there are some myths that need to be debunked about the kitchen renovation process.
remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling Myths to Consider

Bigger is always better. As one of the main gathering areas of your home, it’s important that your kitchen has room for flow and function–if there isn’t enough counter space for food prep or room for two people to prepare a meal together, it’s not serving its purpose. However, you can have a beautiful kitchen that is comfortable to work in without a huge amount of square footage. After all, having smaller distances between the fridge, stove, and sink increases your efficiency and the speed at which you can prepare a meal. All it takes is proper planning and maximization of space to give you a kitchen you love in whatever space you have.

You can see where the project takes you. There are many circumstances where it’s good to go with the flow, change things up along the way, or figure things out as you progress. This is NOT true with kitchen remodeling jobs! It’s critical for the success of your project to fully plan each aspect from beginning to end. Determine your budget, make lists of the parts of your kitchen you wish to retain and those you want to change, measure your space, etc. Going into a renovation without a complete plan will lead to potentially expensive mistakes and unmet expectations.

You should spend a specific percentage of your house’s worth on kitchen renovations. Depending on what you want to do for your renovation, you don’t have to be facing a huge bill. Sometimes all a kitchen needs to breathe new life into the space is a repainting, new backsplash, or new lighting, which could be less than 5% of your home’s value. Once you begin knocking down walls or replacing cabinets and appliances, you’ll find yourself closer to 15% of the value.

You should design your kitchen based on current trends. Instead of basing your entire renovation on what is currently in style, design it with yourself and your family in mind. If you have found the home you’re going to live in for many years to come, create a kitchen that best serves you, regardless of what magazines say is trendy. However, it’s a different story if you plan to sell your home soon. In this case, we recommend consulting a kitchen contractor or interior designer to determine what you can do to make your kitchen generally appealing and increase the value of your home.

A kitchen remodeling job is a DIY project. There are many things you can DIY when it comes to kitchens. However, when you’re facing a large renovation or complete overhaul of your current kitchen, it’s much more work than your average person can safely and professionally do themselves. It’s critical that appliances are installed correctly, wiring is not damaged, etc. Highly-recommended kitchen contractors will make sure they do an exceptional job the first time around.

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