People who grew up in the 70s and 80s know that there was a distinct style about everything – from hair to clothes and music. And while it was a fun era to come of age, many of those styles are best left in the past. Kitchen design at that time had a distinct flair as well – colors like avocado and mustard were all the rage. But just like the mohawks and neon clothing, some things are best left in the past. Do you have an outdated kitchen? Let’s take a look at some easy ways to bring it into the 21st century.
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  1. Oak and Pine Cabinets: If your entire home is covered in wooden cabinetry, you may want to upgrade to more contemporary finishes. White cabinetry is a trending look, but it is also a classic choice. If you can’t afford new cabinets, look into refinishing ar new hardware for a quick upgrade.
  2. Outdated Walls: There was a time when everyone was sponge painting their walls – but now those walls scream out their antiquity. Wallpaper trim is another dead giveaway that it has been decades since you upgraded your kitchen. Get rid of all the outdated fad decor and choose a neutral palette instead, or check out the 2022 Pantone colors for cool greens that inspire tranquility. Staying with paint is a good way to stay current – changing the color is an easy fix if trends change.
  3. Avocado Refrigerators: Appliances in 80s colors may still be working, and you may not want to replace a perfectly good piece of equipment. If you really can’t bear to rid yourself of these pieces but want to transform your outdated kitchen, look into coordinate front panels to match your new cabinetry.
  4. Old School Hardware: If your drawer pulls and cabinet handles are 40 years old, they can be aging the look of your kitchen. Changing out the hardware is simple and affordable and can make a dramatic difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen. The variety of hardware available today is impressive and includes brushed nickel, gold tones, gunmetal, stainless steel, and black. Do some shopping around to see all of your options.
  5. Antiquated Flooring: Linoleum was the flooring to have back in the day, but many of the linoleum floors from the 80s and 90s exhibit very busy patterns and colors. You may not realize that gaudy patterns actually shrink your space – and in contrast, simple floors open up your floorplan. Vinyl flooring is low maintenance and can simulate all types of flooring, from tile to wood.
  6. Vintage Grout and Tile: Vintage is too nice a term for grout that has become exposed, dirty, and germy. Old school kitchens often sport tile and grout countertops, but these are hard to clean and can look dingy and old. Change your countertops to quartz or some stone slab, and you’ll find keeping things clean much more manageable.
  7. Don’t Look Up!: Popcorn ceilings and dropped ceilings we both popular decades ago, but they are telltale signs of an outdated kitchen. Consider replacing these for a smooth ceiling in a neutral color. Ceiling fans can also date your kitchen decor, but this comes down to a personal choice – here in Florida, ceiling fans can significantly help keep your kitchen cooler. If you can’t live without your fan, look for more modern and sleek models to update your look.

If you are ready to give your outdated kitchen a makeover, call the design team at West Coast Design Build Florida. We are experts at transforming kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces.