It’s been nearly a full year that the world has been on pause and we’ve been spending all our time at home; odds are you’ve grown a bit tired of looking at the same few rooms – we know we have! If you find yourself itching to spice up your space for a change in scenery, painting is a great option–it’s inexpensive, yet has a huge impact on the room’s mood and ambiance. Stay ahead of the trends by considering these kitchen colors predicted to be popular this year.

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With all of the craziness and unpredictability happening in the outside world, the goal of many home makeovers this year is to design rooms with serenity in mind. Following the trend of introducing more of the color palette to kitchen walls (as opposed to the usual whites, greys, and beiges), this year’s popular colors will likely include many cool colors in natural tones–think varying shades of blues, greens, and browns. Paint all the walls and cabinets, or stick to a smaller area such as your island to add soothing splashes of color to your cooking space.

Kitchen Colors to Inspire

Olive Green: The kitchen is a cozy place, and the rich earth tones of an olive or forest green certainly invoke this feeling. They complement almost any style of kitchen, pairing just as well with the hardware of a modern industrial design as they do with a more nature-inspired design incorporating marble or wood.

Sage: With undertones of grey and the ability to fit in with a seemingly endless number of color schemes, Sage is an excellent choice for a kitchen makeover. Its coolness is soothing, and its fresh color mirrors that of the herbs, fruits, and vegetables you use in your meals.

Granny Smith Apple: Apple greens have yellow undertones, bringing a lovely balance of cool and warm tones together in one color. Use with dark grey countertops and white counters for appealing contrast that brightens a room but is not too intense.

Cool Pastels: Try a Mint Green or Powder Blue in your kitchen to brighten it up but maintain a calm energy. If you’d rather not paint your entire walls, consider adding pops of these delightful shades to your cabinets or with a new matching set of hand towels or cooking utensils.

Navy Blue: If you prefer bolder colors or a more sophisticated feel, Navy is a great option for your kitchen. Pair its deep, royal shades with whites for a nautical appearance, or with light wood accents for a less stark (yet still stunning!) contrast.

Or, go for the wild card: Yellow! A light, bright yellow color brings sunshine and joy the moment you step into the room–and after the year we’ve had, we could always use some more sunshine in our lives. Yellow walls bounce light wonderfully around a room, which is perfect for small kitchens in particular. Like Olive Green, yellows can be incorporated into any design style. Paint a bright yellow accent wall, or make all your cabinets a soft buttery yellow. You can even combine yellow accents with any of the other colors listed here to create a lovely kitchen that brings joy and peace.

Renovating and updating your space is an excellent way to bring excitement, change and inspiration back into your home decor. If you are looking to redo your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor living space, call West Coast Design Build Florida today. We’ll show you how to install a fast and affordable renovation that will change your whole outlook!