Every year, more and more options are becoming available for smart kitchen appliances and technologies. When designing a kitchen, the look and feel of the space are important, but your kitchen should ideally utilize new technologies to increase your efficiency and reduce your workload. If you are not in the know about all of the high-tech options and smart devices available to you, this blog will educate you as to the gadgets that might save you precious time each day – and change how you view your relationship with your kitchen.
smart kitchen design

WiFi Connected Devices

When upgrading your kitchen to include new smart devices, you are bound to find Wi-Fi-connected products you can control from your phone or computer. There are too many types to list, but their allure is generally the same: an app on your phone or computer can give you detailed information about temperature and cooking progress, control settings from afar, and automatically complete commands.

Smart Fridges, for example, are becoming ubiquitous in newer kitchens for a good reason. They can give you detailed information about fridge and freezer temperature, water quality, and energy usage. If the fridge temperature is rising or lowering, the smart refrigerator has the ability to adjust the temperature on its own or alert you about the situation.

Smart Ovens are also a game-changer for those with a busy schedule. A smart oven allows you to begin the process of preheating an oven even before you arrive home! With the ability to monitor the cooking process from afar and automatically turn off the heat through the app, you might find yourself spending almost no time inside the kitchen outside of prep.

A Voice-Activated Device is another simple item that might revolutionize how you cook. The ability to set reminders, order groceries, or simply play music using your voice while your hands are busy cooking is hard to give up once you become accustomed to its convenience.

There are so many new smart devices with added benefits that it is hard to list them all. But once you utilize a smart product, it might be hard to return to a regular version. Whether it’s a coffeepot that can be started from your bed or a crock pot that can have its temperature adjusted while you are at work, the convenience added to your life makes these appliances and gadgets a no-brainer for your next kitchen.

Green Smart Devices: For many, an increasing desire for sustainable living fuels their design choices. Some simple decisions include buying a dishwasher that uses less water per cycle. But there are many new and exciting technologies that an environmentally conscious individual can opt to include in their next design.

Countertop Composters (yes, composters!) have exploded in popularity in recent years. Including a large waste receptacle on your kitchen counter might seem strange. However, most models are sleek and scent-free and completely turn food scraps into usable compost within one day, allowing you to boost the health of your plants or garden.

Going green can also be accomplished through other design ideas. By taking advantage of large windows and natural lighting, you can lessen your reliance on electrical lighting when cooking in your kitchen. By using recycled materials, not only can you save money, but you can also create a unique feel to your kitchen completely separate from materials you will find at a big box store.

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