Choosing the designs for your kitchen remodel is exciting, but the decisions can get tiring. There is a lot to consider, from the colors, to the shelving, to which pieces to keep and which to replace. One item that should not be left out of the deliberation is your kitchen cabinet hardware. Though these pieces are small, they can have a big impact on the overall appearance and style of your kitchen. Just like accessories can really bring an outfit together, the hardware you use on your kitchen cabinets can really pull the feel of the room together.

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If you haven’t decided on a single style for your kitchen, that’s no problem–your kitchen cabinet hardware can be a great way to marry two different styles together while still achieving a cohesive look. If you prefer a modern-contemporary look, you can give it an industrial twist by combining some nickel hardware on your lower cabinets and drawers with smooth glass or gold-painted hardware on upper cabinets. The dark color grounds the lower half of the room while the lighter, more sparkly hardware on top reflects light and creates a more open appearance. Is a rustic farmhouse style more along the lines of your preferences? Keep it classy without compromising on chic by combining the silver shine of nickel with the sturdy timelessness of iron.

The good news is that there aren’t really any wrong choices of hardware for your kitchen–what’s important is that you love the look and function of your new kitchen. When trying out different cabinet hardware at the store, consider how the knobs and pulls feel. You want to be sure that they don’t just look good in your kitchen, but also that you are able to comfortably use them. For pulls, make sure that your knuckles are able to fit through them well enough to get a good grip–it’s annoying to have to pull them with your fingertips if they’re too narrow! Knobs can sometimes be bothersome if they’re too small or big to grab comfortably, so get ones that you know you’ll enjoy the feel of when opening your cabinets. Additionally, keep in mind the design and texture of the knobs. While glass knobs with many facets are gorgeous, they’re also harder to clean than a smooth-faced knob. Brass knobs are classic and lovely, but will begin to corrode and require constant maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Take into consideration the shape and contour of your cabinets when choosing specific hardware. Shaker cabinets, for example, are kitchen classics and go well with a variety of hardware. Use dark colored hardware against light white or cream colored cabinets to create a gorgeous yet simple modern look. If you prefer a more antique appearance, consider multi-faceted glass knobs, or knobs with a beautiful and more detailed pattern. Simple glass knobs can mirror the appearance of glass door cabinets. In small kitchens, using shiny knobs painted silver, gold, or copper can really help reflect light around the room to give it a bigger, brighter look.

Regardless of whether you are doing an entire kitchen overhaul or if you just feel like bringing new life to your outdated cabinets, new hardware can go a long way in changing or improving their appearance. Accessories improve outfits and kitchens, so take the time to find the kitchen hardware that is right for you.

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