The kitchen is the gathering place of the home. This all important space has come a long way from being simply a tight galley reserved for cooking the family meal. The kitchen is where our guests meet up, our kids sit to chat with us, and where holiday traditions are made. The days of the closed off room are long gone, and kitchen design is one of the hottest areas of home design for modern homes.

kitchen design

Whether you dream of a gourmet kitchen or a country kitchen, design is very important. Before you start tearing down your old space, take a look at these expert tips for your dream kitchen.

Dream Kitchen Tips

  1. Assess Your Current Kitchen: Take a long look at your kitchen, and evaluate what works – and what does not. Do you need more cabinet space? Is your counterspace sufficient? Do you need a bigger refrigerator? Look at how well your current kitchen serves you, keep what works and plan to change what doesn’t.
  2. Consider Your Layout: You’ll want to create a kitchen design which allows for the most productive space. Think of the “working triangle”. In a kitchen, the working triangle determines kitchen layouts that are aesthetic, efficient and functional. The primary tasks carried out in a kitchen are between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. The best kitchen design has each of these elements in a triangle, with easy access to all three.
  3. Draw Up a Floorplan: This is when you may wish to employ a professional kitchen designer to help you lay out your detailed floor plan. Every counter, cabinet and appliance should be mapped and worked into the design, so that the execution of your plan is efficient and flawless. To save money, leave the major systems where they are – for instance, leave the sink in the same place if possible, so as not to have to move plumbing.
  4. Gather Your Kitchen Ideas: These days, you can browse literally thousands of photos of beautiful kitchens online, on photo sharing websites such as Houzz or Pinterest. These photos of kitchen design will allow you to decide what style of kitchen you love, so that you can choose the appliances, countertops, cabinets and fixtures that bring your idea to life.
  5. Choose Your Finishes: Now that you know your style, its time to choose your materials and finishes. Although your budget may not allow for the top of the line materials you desire, a designer can help you to choose quality replacements that give you the same aesthetic. As a rule, you’ll want to use the best materials you can afford, remembering that your kitchen provides one of the best returns on investment in your home.
  6. Choose Your Color Scheme: The most popular colors for kitchens are white, cream and light gray. All three allow for creative decor, furniture, and embellishments which can be personalized with your favorite pops of color. Neutral colors allow for many counter and cabinet choices, and also allow you to change your kitchen aesthetic by changing flowers and dishtowels.

At West Coast Design Build Florida, we work with you to build the right kitchen for you. Whether you need our help with design or feel confident in your own choices, you can count on us to provide the professional installation you expect and deserve. When it comes time for your Sarasota kitchen renovation, give West Coast Design Build Florida a call.