When designing a new kitchen, function and form are both extremely important. However, your kitchen will often get dirty and cluttered, ruining the fantastic design you worked so hard to create. However, there might be a solution; the scullery, an antiquated concept making a resurgence in home kitchen designs. A scullery is a smaller additional kitchen often used solely for prep and cleaning, far away from your delicious meals and get-togethers. By creating a scullery in your home, you can keep your beautiful new kitchen in flawless condition no matter how many dirty plates you make with your family and friends. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about sculleries in modern homes.

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Sculleries Explained
Sculleries are rooms in a house traditionally used for washing dishes, storing excess supplies, and acting as a second kitchen if needed. The term scullery has been supplanted by many other terms, such as utility room, all meaning slightly different things. Sculleries are perfect areas to store kitchen utensils, pots, or pans that are not used daily. Most sculleries also have large, deep sinks as a prominent feature, assisting in the process of dishwashing. Sculleries can also act as an overflow for specific food items, such as a different place to store alcohol away from the kitchen used by the family.

You might be wondering why a scullery is needed in modern homes. As kitchens become more and more of a centerpiece in the house, sculleries act as a supplement to ensure your kitchen is efficient while still being beautiful and inviting to friends and family alike. Newer kitchen design ideas which integrate seating close to the cooking area are fantastic for an engaging dinner party but bring guests equally close to dirty dishes piling up in the sky. Depositing those dirty dishes in the scullery keeps your kitchen in perfectly beautiful condition.

Planning your kitchen around the existence of a scullery also allows for entirely new designs. Your central kitchen has less need for a large sink and storage cabinets if an additional smaller kitchen meets these needs, meaning you can use that additional real estate on extended countertops, large appliances, and added seating. Many of the space-saving tips we recommend for kitchens, such as wall space and vertical space, are also unnecessary if a scullery is used as a secondary storage location. This opens up more areas for design in your main kitchen, such as art pieces, beautiful kitchen plant life, and more.

You can create many types of sculleries in your home; this is your personalized design. A scullery can be purely functional, tucked away in a corner and used as needed, or accentuated in a design, creating a new place for guests to gather and relax. A scullery can also be outfitted with appliances such as washers and driers, making a highly practical room within the house.

Sculleries are a premium in any home, meaning they might not fit your situation perfectly. However, if this idea piqued your interest, many other rooms or areas can be retrofitted to create a scullery. For homes with floor space at a premium, even a small hallway can be transformed into a small, walk-in scullery with a sink and countertop for food prep and dishwashing.

The best way to determine if a scullery is right for you is to get a second opinion from the design experts here at West Coast Design Build Florida. ~~