When designing a kitchen or bathroom, there are a lot of decisions to be made, from cabinets to countertops and appliances. There’s no doubt that modern-day conveniences make life exponentially easier. Smart appliances can do even more, and allow you even greater control and flexibility in day-to-day life. If you’re in the market to upgrade any of your home appliances this year, we’ve got some expert recommendations for some must-have appliances.
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Purifying Fans: Summer is quickly approaching, so a portable cooling fan can come in handy. With the new purifying heater and fans, homeowners get much more than just a cooling appliance. The appearance of these fans is sleek and modern; on cooler nights, they can be set to a higher temperature to provide heating instead of cooling. The fan works quietly to provide you with a strong gust of air without the noise of other mechanical fans. In addition, these appliances can be controlled via remote, app, or voice control through Alexa or Siri. In addition to its core capabilities, the fan also relays insight into the air quality in your home.

Robot Vacuums: When talking about must-have appliances, you can forget these vacuums – mainly because they take on a task most of us hate! There are many different brands of robot vacuums on the market. They all offer varying degrees of smart technology that makes cleaning your home easier. The simplest models move randomly throughout your home and return themselves to their charger once they are low on battery; the high-end models build various maps of your home, allow you to design “Keep Out Zones”, can be turned on and off through an app, and even empty themselves at their station. Robot vacuums take the take of vacuuming off your to-do list–a huge time saver, especially in homes with hardwood or vinyl floors where you can feel every crumb that lands on the floor and needs it vacuumed daily. With the variety and competition in the robot vacuum market, you can find a model that fits you and your budget.

Smart Fridges: Many brands have started developing smart refrigerators, and depending on the model, these smart fridges come with a range of possibilities. They can communicate with other phones and smart devices to sync grocery lists, adjust temperature levels, or order groceries directly from the screen. Some even have cameras built into the doors so that you can check the contents of your refrigerator from your phone–perfect for those times when you cannot remember whether you need more eggs or how low you are on juice. Some of the higher-end models will even do this for you, tracking what is present and what regular items you are out of so that you do not have to.

Washers with Center Control: With smart washer and dryer units, you know your laundry is in good hands. These systems can automatically sense the fabric types present in your laundry load, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the appropriate setting for the clothes you’ve put in. Your washing machine will calculate the length and amount of wash needed, and communicate this information to the dryer so that it selects the appropriate settings – and you do not have to worry about reading the labels on all your clothes. You can control the entire unit from your phone as well in case you want to make adjustments to the settings or need to stop or start the laundry for any reason.

These must-have appliances are transforming the way we perform everyday chores and are available through most home stores.

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